Blume Baby Doll to Flourish out of a Plant Pot: Cool Surprise Toys Coming Soon

Amazing Blume baby doll will soon officially flourish out of a cute flower pot. The new surprises only need water to grow, and their plant pot can become their tiny house with lots of accessories to impress a little girl.

Blume baby doll

The new Blume cuties can quickly become one of the most popular surprise toys in 2019. Their unboxing process is fun, and the cute series will consist of more than 20 babies to collect.

Blume Dolls

The idea to release such unusual collectibles belongs to Skyrocket toy company. Its new Blume baby girl project is set to appear at major retailers in the summer.

Blume baby dolls inside a plant pot

Toy Fair visitors had a unique chance to glimpse at great surprise toys on February 16-19 in New York (USA).

Hatching a baby doll out of a flower pot is a quick and straightforward process. You do not have to wait for half an hour or so as it might happen with your Hatchimals or Hatchibabies. As soon as you add a couple of water drops to the top of the pot, you will see real magic. What is supposed to be flower soil miraculously turns into the doll's hair that feels kind of like foam.

What Is Inside the Plant Pot?

Every Blume baby doll has several surprises that are hidden inside her flower pot:

  • A toy collectible
  • Fun accessories for the Blume cutie (clothes, bags, pets, etc.)
  • A little watering can
  • A flower pot that magically turns into the dollhouse
  • Stickers to decorate the Blume baby's 'apartment'

With 10 surprises to reveal, Blume dolls become extremely attractive and fun to unbox.

Blume dolls surprise toy

The first series should offer 22 different cuties to collect, and they all can exchange their outfits and houses. Besides, every flower baby has its unique hairstyle in the form of a rainbow, flower, crystal and so on.

How Much Is a Blume Baby Doll?

A recommended retail price per each flower pot surprise is under $10.

However, many hot toys become so popular that big stores quickly run out of supplies. Some individual sellers take advantage of this situation and overprice their stock.

Blume Surprise Toy Release Date

We have heard that Blume dolls are to be released in July 2019. There is still time left until summer, so we suggest you watch an official video from Skyrocket Toys to get an idea of how a toy can bloom out of a flower pot.

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