25 Best Children's Easter Toys to Put in Easter Baskets in 2019

Every year millions of kids from across the globe are looking forward to Easter. This holiday is associated with cool gifts, chocolate bunnies, egg surprises, and best children's Easter toys to put in your Easter basket to make it unique, surprising, and loved by your child.

Best children's Easter toys
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Nibble on the 25 best-selling Easter toys and basket fillers 2019 that will make your gift unusual, remarkable, and unexpected.

Best Children's Easter Toys

Candies and chocolate are always in trend, but there are so many novelties and bunny-approved best Easter basket fillers in 2019 that you cannot leave them unnoticed. GRRL TOYS have collected 25 creative, delicious, and surprising gift ideas your children will love to open.

1. Hatchimals Collectibles Easter Basket Eggs

Hatchimals children's Easter toys basket
Image: hatchimals.com

Colored in pink, violet, and yellow colors, a cute basket includes four ombre eggs. In case you do not know what to put in Easter baskets in 2019, grab this toy. It is already filled with surprises. Your kids will love to hatch Hatchimals eggs and find new characters.

This Easter basket also has two toys that are out of eggs. With a total of 6 cute Hatchimals, this sweet surprise can be a perfect gift to kids who are five years old and above.

2. L.O.L. Surprise Finder Keepers Chocolate Eggs with Surprises

L.O.L. Surprise Finder Keepers eggs
Image: amazon.com

Chocolate eggs are perfect filling to Easter baskets 2019. There are several cute collections in Finder Keepers candies (My Little Pony, Peppa Pig, Easter Bunnies, etc.), but L.O.L. Surprise figures are probably the most popular this year.

There are eight mini-dolls to collect:

  • Diva
  • Pink Baby
  • Cheer Captain
  • Fancy
  • MerBaby
  • Surfer Babe
  • CandoBaby
  • MC Swag

Chocolate eggs are delicious.

3. Crayola Color 'N Plush Unicorn

Crayola Color 'N Plush unicorn
Image: amazon.com

Ordinary plush toys are not that popular in 2019. But there are some cute creatures by Crayola and other firms that can be colored, washed, and doodle colored again. Such creative toys inspire children's fantasy and motivate little ones to make unique masterpieces.

Choose a unicorn or puppy, or select a playset from Crayola Scribble Sscrubbie collection. It is also an exciting toy to color with markers and wash for endless creativity.

4. Fairy Land Cuties Surprise Dolls

Fairy Land Cuties surprise dolls

Hidden inside a pink egg, Fairy Land Cuties are pretty fairy girls with magical wings. The egg is packaged in several cute layers of foil that form a candy.

It is fun to unbox each mini-doll and decorate it with gemstones, stickers, and hair accessories.

5. L.O.L. Surprise Biggie Pet Hop Hop

L.O.L. Surprise Biggie Pet Cottontail Q.T.
Image: amazon.com

Bunnies look perfect as the best children's Easter toys. This year, you can choose Biggie Pet Hop Hop or Cottontail Q.T. from the best-selling L.O.L. Surprise collection.

Doubling as a packback and a piggy-bank, this most wanted toy offers multiple surprises for your little ones. It is fun to look through the spy glasses, find a beautiful bracelet, fortune tellers, small pet babies and other fun toys inside L.O.L. Surprise Biggie Pet series.

6. Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs with Surprises

Kinder Surprise Maxi chocolate eggs

Europeans can add Kinder Surprise Maxi chocolate eggs to their Easter baskets 2019 for children. These great chocolates include a blind capsule with a surprise inside.

This year's collection presents parrots who are musicians. The series has five toys so you can collect the cutest rock band ever. Parrots with drums, guitars, keyboard, and microphone look fantastic.

7. Educational Insights Playfoam Pals

Educational Insights Playfoam pal collectibles
Image: amazon.com

Pods with colorful Playfoam have become more exciting with a mysterious pal hidden inside. It is fun to shape Playfoam into anything you can imagine, and it is curious to collect all 12 animal figures.

Cute Easter eggs with Educational Insights Playfoam are great for kids who are five years old and above.

8. Pikmi Pops Surprise Mystery Eggs

Pikmi Pops Easter eggs
Image: amazon.com

Yellow, fuchsia, and pink mystery eggs with Pikmi Pops scented plush toys are new exciting Easter gifts for kids in 2019.

These are cool party favors and Easter basket fillers. Each toy smells sweet. It is two inches tall, and there are 15 different characters to collect.

9. Kraftzlab Rock Painting Kit for Kids

Kraftzlab Rock Paiting kit toy
Image: amazon.com

Easter eggs can be of different shapes as long as they are bright, colorful, and artistic. A new Kraftzlab Rock Painting Kit can be excellent as Easter gift for your child. It includes ten different rocks that can be colored by boys and girls.

The set also includes brushes, paints, and additional tool to make the creative process fun and endless.

10. Calico Critters Rabbit Families

Calico Critters red roof cozy cottage

Fans of rabbit Easter gifts for kids can look at the big collection of Calico Critters. This brand has several cute rabbit families and dollhouses.

For example, you can add Calico Critters Cozy Roof Cottage to your Easter basket. This dollhouse includes one bunny in a pretty dress and several furniture pieces.

There are also sets with Hopscotch Rabbit family, Sweetpea Rabbit family, bunny babies, and many dress up and play collections.

11. Lego Holiday Easter Egg Hunt

Lego Holiday Easter Egg Hunt playset
Image: amazon.com

Building kits are also among the best selling Easter toys in 2019. Lego has created several exciting playsets with bunnies, carrots, chickens, and eggs.

Lego Holiday Easter Egg Hunt is a cute set for children who are seven years old and above. With 145 pieces, including two mini-figures, it can be fun to build your farm from bricks.

12. Lego BrickHeadz Easter Bunny

Lego Easter Bunny
Image: amazon.com

Bricks are fun for building fantastic creatures. For example, your children can create their own Easter Bunny using Lego BrickHeadz playset.

This bunny's ears move. The brick 4-inch pet can hold a carrot and an Easter basket in its paws. There are also two little Easter eggs to build, and a total of 126 pieces, which is an excellent addition to a real Lego fan who is ten years old and above.

13. Play-Doh Spring Eggs

Play-Doh spring eggs
Image: amazon.com

Play-Doh modeling compound is a fantastic gift for children who are two years old and above. Cute Play-Doh Spring eggs can make your Easter basket more creative.

There are best selling Easter toys for years in a row.

14. Play-Doh Spring Chick Set

Play-Doh Spring Chick set
Image: amazon.com

If your child is at least three years old, take a look at a cute Play-Doh Spring Chick Set. This playset includes a cute baby chick's head that can be decorated with the colorful compound.

The set also includes scissors. Your little ones can grow the chick's hair and cut it when it gets too long.

15. Rainbocorns Bunny Plush Surprise

Rainbocorns bunny plush surprise
Image: amazon.com

2019 TOTY finalist, Rainbocorns are cute plush toys that have to be hatched. A big collection includes a Bunny plush surprise and various pet creatures. These can be incredible Easter basket fillers in 2019.

The Bunny is made of sequins. It sparkles and looks very cute with rainbow-colored hair and surprise powers hidden in the tummy heart.

16. L.O.L. Surprise Bubbly Surprise

L.O.L. Surprise Bubbly Surprise toys
Image: amazon.com

If your kids are in love with L.O.L. Surprise dolls, they will be extremely pleased to find L.O.L. Surprise Bubbly Surprise in their Easter basket in 2019. It is the latest playset with two exclusive toys.

Each Bubbly Surprise, which is available in pink and orange colors, includes the same doll and pet. If you wish to get two different toy sets, you should aim for two different Bubbly Surprise suitcase colors.

17. Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies

Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies
Image: amazon.com

Cute Blossom Bunnies are looking for their loving family. You can rescue these cuties, wash them, brush them, and turn these Scruff-a-Luvs into the huggable and lovable pets.

Bright yellow boxes with Little Live Scruff-a-Luvs Blossom Bunnies include one plush bunny in peach, yellow, or mint color with additional accessories for perfect grooming.

18. Disney Doorables Multi Peek

Disney Doorables toys

Both old and new seasons of Disney Doorables deliver cute favorite characters from Disney cartoons.

Each mini-figure has large glitter eyes. Some playsets arrive with miniature dollhouses and extra accessories.

19. Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams Bunny

Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams plush toys
Image: amazon.com

Easter baskets 2019 can light-up and glow if you fill them with Pikmi Pops Jelly Dreams Bunny or another plush character toy.

These fun-looking 11-inch plush toys need three LR6 batteries to operate. Once you insert the batteries, your Pikmi Pops Easter gift will light-up, glow, and pulsate.

20. Tomy Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs

Tomy Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs
Image: amazon.com

Educational toys are incredible Easter gifts for younger kids. Cute cheeping chicks are hiding inside the white eggs with funny faces.

These cute Easter stuffers are great for little hands. They help little minds to learn colors and shapes.

21. Hasbro Toy Yellies Fluffertail Bunny

Hasbro Toy Yellies Fluffertail Bunny
Image: amazon.com

This cute tiny bunny is extremely responding. Your voice activates it.

Hasbro Toy Yellies Fluttertail Bunny will make your kids go crazy as they giggle, sing, clap, talk, and yell. The louder you become, the faster your bunny pet goes.

22. Educational Insights Bunny Hop Board Game

Educational Insights Bunny Hop Board Game
Image: amazon.com

Board games are often loved by the whole family and people of all ages. Bunny Hop is an excellent family game for Easter.

Watching the bunnies hide and hop from their holes stimulates your memory. The idea of this game is to collect bunnies of four different colors. It is tricky and hilarious.

23. Baby Born Surprise

Baby Born Surprise collectibles

The most recent cute Baby Born Surprise babies are also best selling Easter toys. Baby boys and girls are fun to unbox. Each set comes with multiple surprises such as a toy bottle, color-changing diaper, cute hairstyle, unique eye color, etc.

A collection includes 12 unique swaddles with precious baby dolls that drink, pee, and wet their diapers.

24. Hairdorables Pets

Hairdorables Pets pink bunny
Image: amazon.com

Toy hunt becomes very exciting when you wish to find a particular character in mystery packages such as Hairdorables Pets.

With eight surprises and 24 cute toy pets to collect, it becomes somewhat challenging to find Twisted Taffy pink bunny.

25. Rescue Runts Babies

Rescue Runts babies

Novelties Rescue Runts babies can save you if you have no idea what to put in Easter baskets in 2019. These toy collectibles are charming.

There is even a pretty bunny in the series. Maybe you get lucky to find it.

What to Put in Easter Baskets in 2019

There are many other best Easter basket fillers you can use. Most kids are happy to find a chocolate bunny, candy eggs, coloring books, puzzles, bath toys, slime, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, exciting books to read before bedtime, and so on.

You can choose Easter gifts for kids from bunny-themed socks, clothes, slippers, hair clips, and accessories. Easter baskets 2019 can contain some tremendous gifts such as a bike, hoverboard, roller skates, or something else your little one has wished for.

These are the top 25 children's Easter toys you can put in your holiday basket in 2019. Kids of different ages love various gifts, and only you know how to surprise your child and which best selling playsets, dolls, collectibles, or toys to choose.

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