Baby Born Surprise Collectibles: New Baby Dolls to Cuddle

Delivered by a fairy-tale stork right from the baby doll factory, new Baby Born Surprise collectibles are incredibly adorable. These little boys and girls are designed to be cuddled and loved. Their diapers change colors, and mini dolls can drink water and pee.

Baby Born Surprise collectibles

The newest 2019 toys are nearly as hot as popular L.O.L. Surprise dolls. They are hidden in the blind bags and offer many surprises to girls and boys from all over the world.

Baby Born Surprise Dolls

An idea to introduce mini Baby Born Surprise series belongs to L.O.L. Surprise creator MGA Entertainment and German company Zapf Creation. Together, these two famous toy makers have come up with an impressive idea of hiding a cute mini doll in a stork baby package.

Baby Born Surprise dolls

Every package is pink with a pretty baby smiling from the badge.

You have no idea which Baby Born Surprise doll is inside your blind bag until you unbox it.

Baby Born Surprise

The unboxing process is a lot of fun. You remove the transparent plastic covers and get to the pink fabric blankie with cute baby faces print. Inside you will find:

  • One mini Baby Born Surprise cutie
  • A unique baby swaddle wrap looking like a bee, mermaid, flower, etc.
  • A white diaper that changes its color when watered
  • A toy bottle
  • Baby Born birth certificate
  • Your collector's guide with the names, pictures and additional games to play
  • Instruction manual

Baby Born Surprise dolls series 1

Your secret baby can be a boy or a girl, with an attractive hairstyle, different hair color (blonde, brown, black), different skin color, and with a beautiful name.

Buzzy Bee Baby Born Surprise

These dolls are made in China. They are designed for kids who are three years old and above.

MGA Baby Born Surprise Collection

Series 1 is meant to become a new toy hit in 2019. It is already enjoyed by many of us.

Baby Born Surprise swaddles

The first surprise comes when you unbox the pink blankie and find your mystery doll in her or his unique swaddle, which can be any of the following:

  • Pink Unicorn with rainbow art (BbS-1)
  • Buzzy Bee (BbS-2)
  • Yellow Ducky (BbS-3)
  • Mermaid Magic (BbS-4)
  • Berry Ice Cream Cone (BbS-5)
  • Pink Butterfly or Hotdog (BbS-6)
  • White Bunny (BbS-7)
  • Baby Blue Bear (BbS-8)
  • Spring Flower (BbS-9)
  • Green Pea (BbS-10)
  • Blue Butterfly (BbS-11)
  • Pink Poodle (BbS-12)

Each swaddle is extremely cute. For example, a bee and butterflies have cute wings on the back; a flower has petals around the face; a poodle has pretty pink puffy ears, etc. These mini Baby Born Surprise swaddles have sticky tape on the side.

Waking up Baby Born Surprise doll

When you unwrap your doll collectible, you should wake up your baby boy or girl. At first, all babies arrive with their eyes closed. As soon as you wipe each eye with wet wipes or wash them to remove the upper layer of paint, you will see the eyes color. Unfortunately, this procedure cannot be undone, and the doll's eyes will not close back.

Cute Baby Born Surprises

It is also fun to feed your baby with the water from her or his bottle with a diaper on. The doll will pee into the diaper, and you will see how the color slightly changes revealing yet another surprise. For example, the Buzzy Bee's diaper shows cute bee print when wet. Other dolls can get lovely pink hearts, bananas, sea shells, carrots, emoji faces or floral pattern on their diapers.

MGA Baby Born Surprise

After discovering all the surprises, you should explore the birth certificate and solve a curious puzzle. You have to figure out your mini doll's name, favorite food, birthday, and star sign.

Each mini Baby Born Surprise collectible toy has head, legs, and arms that move. The doll can sit up and lay down.

Where to Buy Baby Born Surprise

The newest MGA / Zapf Creation toys are already on the store shelves all around the world. You can find them in European countries, in Canada and the USA.
Amazon sells Baby Born Surprise dolls at $12.88 - $12.99.

Walmart offers them at $12.88 as well. Target is currently out of stock, but you can check your local stores and maybe become a successful owner of a pretty mysterious bundle of joy.

The new mini Baby Born Surprise collectibles are selling fast. It means that we have all the chances to meet series 2 update pretty soon with even more little girls and boys to unbox.

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