Ben 10 Toys from Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs

European fans of Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs welcome a new collection of cute figures from Ben 10 animated show. Hidden inside a delicious candy, the toys offer much fun for everyone who loves blind capsules and hidden secrets.

Ben 10 Kinder Surprise toys

The newest Ben 10 toy collection 2019 is available in Italy, Poland and Ukraine. The series is not big, but each figure looks cute and boasts some secret features.

Ben 10 Kinder Surprise

The famous Italian company Ferrero keeps surprising Europeans with new Kinder Surprise toys. Released in time for Easter holidays, Ben 10 collectibles can be an exciting addition to every Easter basket for kids.

Ben 10 Kinder Surprise toys 2019

Ben 10 is a fun cartoon series about adventures of Ben Tennyson. This 10-year-old boy knows where to search for secrets. One day he finds a curious gadget called the Omnitrix. It looks like a smartwatch, and when it is worn on the wrist, it can transform the little boy into various alien heroes.

Some of such mysterious creatures can be found inside the Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs. Besides, there can be the main 10-year-old hero himself, his grandfather and cousin inside a blind capsule hidden in the candy.

Ben 10 surprise toys

Ben 10 Toys Collection 2019

European series consists of 6 figures:

  • Ben toy
  • Cousin Gwen
  • Grandfather Max
  • Three alien forms of Ben 10

Every toy consists of several parts. It has to be assembled.

Here are some details about each Kinder Surprise toy from TV series:

1. Ben (EN581)

Ben 10 boy toy

The toy appears just like the boy from the cartoon. Ben Tennyson wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist and is willing to transform into an alien and save the world from evils.

The figure is assembled from three parts. It also has a fourth part. It is a frisbee that can be aimed at the boy's enemies that are drawn on 2 paper cards.

2. Gwen (EN584)

Gwen Tennyson toy

Ben's cousin Gwen Tennyson is similar to the main character. She is also assembled from 3 parts, and she also has a frisbee. This additional blue toy can stop various aliens and monsters from harming the world.

The two paper cards with enemy images are included.

3. Max (EN586)

Grandfather Max toy

Grandfather Max is fully armed against supernatural powers and monsters. The toy is assembled from two parts.

There is also a red fire-like bullet that can be inserted inside the blaster in grandfather's hands.

4. Four Arms (EN583)

Four Arms Ben 10 alien

It is one of the 10 alien characters Ben can transform into. Four Arms is a strong character with big muscles, 4 red arms and 4 green eyes.

5. Stinkfly (EN587)

Stinkfly Ben 10 alien

It is another hero from the boy's transformation list. The figure of Stinkfly is assembled from four parts. The toy has yellow wings and a white base with four wheels. It can 'fly' on even surfaces.

6. XLR-8 (EN588)

XLR-8 Ben 10 alien toy

A curious toy with alien claws and huge ball-like shoes is assembled from three parts. Its yellow lightning-like base has wheels to help the hero ride on even surfaces.

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