Pink Barbie Helicopter: New Toy to Inspire Young Imagination

No matter how many exciting travel toys Mattel has already introduced for Barbie fans, there is still room for innovations. Pink Barbie helicopter is an exciting novelty inspired by Dreamhouse Adventures. It was released at the end of 2018 to offer fantastic playtime in 2019.

Pink Barbie helicopter

A collection of Barbie airplane playsets includes various models of jets, and now it welcomes another type of aircraft with spinning rotors.

Helicopter Barbie Toy

A new playset is packed into colorful cardboard with beautiful images of the famous blonde doll and her friends from Dreamhouse Adventures.

Chopper unboxing takes just a couple of minutes. Everything is simple, so that a child can manage this process on his own.

Barbie helicopter toy

The playset is about the size of a regular pink corvette car offered by Mattel. It is a bit shorter and taller, but overall it is very similar. Colored in pink and blue, the newest 2019 toy is created with a signature Barbie style.

Pink travel helicopter toy is manufactured in China. It is recommended for kids of 3 years and up.

Barbie helicopter toy

It is made of plastic and measures at 16 inches x 7.5 inches x 10 inches.

Barbie Travel Helicopter Review

The playset GRRRL TOYS unboxed had no instruction manual. But the pink Barbie helicopter requires no batteries or assembly. It can be played with right out of the box.

Barbie travel helicopter

The plastic chopper is bright, colorful, and big enough to fit two dolls, which are sold separately. The yellow seat belts hold Barbies tightly so you can take the toy off the carpet or floor and fly around the room or outside, make fantastic loops without losing the passengers, and let your imagination soar.

The silvery rotors spin manually. The child should push to make them spin during play.

Barbie helicopter playset

Overall a chopper looks very cute. Its dashboard is a sticker. It shows various control levels, and there are two plastic cockpits for each of the dolls to pretend to tilt the aircraft back, forward and to the sides.

By the way, the new 2019 toy is perfect for dolls with both bendable and straight knees. Thus, anyone can imagine becoming a helicopter pilot and traveling to exotic countries, fairylands, and new worlds.

Barbie helicopter video:

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