Hilarious Tiny Furries Fluffy Friends Toys with Over 60 Funny Reactions

Cute little monsters in fluffy coats can surprise you with their silly reactions. A new collection of weird creatures is called Tiny Furries Fluffy Friends. These funny novelties offer many moments of smiles, laughter, and giggling to any child.

Tiny Furries fluffy friends

It is another addition to a vast family of interactive toys for children over four years old. Each monster has a unique look, bright fluffy coat, and big eyes that support all the emotions expressed by the creature.

Tiny Furries Toys

New collectible toys are presented by Silverlit Toys Manufactury Ltd. This company's head office is located in Hong Kong, but its children's toys are recognized across Asia, Europe, and America.

Tiny Furries toys

Tiny Furries Fluffy Friends are new 2019 collectibles that are packed into a cardboard box. Each package includes:

  • One furry monster with a cute face
  • One fluffy coat for your collectible
  • Instruction manual
  • Collector's guide with all possible Tiny Furries to enjoy

Tiny Furries

The newest interactive monsters can be found in Toys R Us stores across the globe (unfortunately, not in the U.S.). They are usually priced at $10 each.

Tiny Furries monsters

Tiny Furries Features

These collectibles require watch-size batteries to operate. When taken out of the box, they already have three AG13 / LR44 button cell batteries inside. They are ready to sing and surprise you and your kids with unusual sounds, silly reactions, and short songs.

Tiny Furries toys

Here are some tips for making your fluffy friend work:

  • Turn clockwise to dress your plastic Tiny Furry into its fluffy coat
  • You can exchange colorful jackets and create unique looking monsters
  • Press and hold on the monster's mouth for a couple of seconds to turn it on or off
  • Massage the fluffy back to make your Tiny Furry cutie giggle
  • Touch the monster's face to hear laughter, whistling and other funny sounds

Tiny Furries interactive toys

  • Blow into its face to make it pretend to fall asleep
  • Press twice within a second on the mouth to record your short message (press one more time to hear it repeat your words)
  • Sync two Tiny Furries and let them interact with each other (place them face-to-face with a 15-inch distance between them and press three times on their mouths)
  • Shake your toy to hear it laugh
  • Carry your furry friend to school (it can be worn on your backpack)
  • Your little monster will automatically turn off if it is not disturbed for more than three minutes

Tiny Furries toy

Silverlit Toy company assures that there are over 60 reactions you can enjoy. The cute little monsters fit into your palm. They look fantastic and sound hilarious.

Watch the official video with cute Tiny Furries toys:

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