Plush Pets Twisty Petz Cuddlez to Turn into Boa Accessory for Girls

Can you image plush toys turning into a pretty boa? Girls will soon get an opportunity to cuddle their new Twisty Petz Cuddlez and quickly transform these pets into fashionable accessories to wear around the neck.

Twisty Petz Cuddlez
Image:; @ohclucktoys

A famous toy company Spin Master is planning to release a new series of toys in the summer.

Twisty Petz Cuddlez

Cute toys that turn into bracelets and beads, Twisty Petz, are loved by many girls. It is fantastic when you can transform your toy, wear it as an accessory, or easily twist it into a pet. The idea now transforms into something bigger, cuter, and softer.

The new series of toys is called Twisty Petz Cuddlez. It will be released at the end of May or in early June, according to Amazon site.

Twisty Petz Cuddlez wearable plush toys

Spin Master presented its novelties at New York Toy Fair 2019. The series of transforming wearable plush toys includes four pet collectibles:

  • A white Kitty
  • A purple Puppy
  • A sweet Sloth
  • A fairy-tale Unicorn

Each animal looks cute and is extra soft. It has a head, tail, and paws.

Twisty Petz Cuddlez pets

The wearable plush can be used as a regular plush toy or be untwisted and transformed into a fashionable boa. Such an accessory can look fantastic if worn around the little girl's neck.

How to Transform Cuddlez Toy into a Boa

The process is as simple as turning regular Twisty Petz toys and babies into a bracelet. You will have to pull off the tail and head of a plush animal, and it will be automatically untwisted from a plush toy into a boa.

The process of turning an accessory (boa) back into the plush toy is also simple. A couple of twists will create a loving, cuddly Unicorn, Kitty, Puppy, or Sloth.


You can pre-order a new plush wearable toy on Amazon for $12.99.

The toys are believed to be shipped starting on May 31st or in June.

Release Date

Spin Master is expected to release Twisty Petz Cuddlez in the summer. These novelties can be an excellent gift for any child aged four and up with each box containing one wearable plush animal, an instruction, and a collector's guide.

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