Barbie Kinder Egg 2019: New Toy Collection for Girls

Barbies have become an icon of style and beauty for many girls from all over the world. With a big selection of Mattel dolls and playsets, there is, even more, to collect through chocolate egg collectibles. This year, Kinder Surprise released a new Barbie Kinder egg 2019 collection of figurines that are cute and represent female careers.

Kinder Surprise eggs

Each new figurine has something special about it. Some have a hidden crayon, some offer fun magnifying glass activities for children, and others can be used as a stamp.

Kinder Surprise Barbie 2019

A new series of Barbie Kinder egg 2019 toys comes in a pretty pink wrapper with an illustration of a famous doll on the top of it.

Chocolate eggs with surprises

The collection was released in mid-March, and chocolate can be eaten by January 13, 2020.

Collectible list of all Barbies from Kinder eggs

Barbie Kinder Toys

This year's collection has eight figurines. Each Barbie is a constructor with additional pieces that work as a doll stand and fun accessory (magnifying glass, crayon, stamp, template, etc.).

New dolls from Kinder Surprise egg

1. Vet doctor (code EN398)

Barbie vet

This doll has cute wavy hair, a little white kitten, vet notes, and a pink stand. It is assembled from several parts (legs, body, a stand, and a paper installation).

2. Ice skating girl (code EN381)

Barbie ice skater

Barbie looks beautiful in a blue dress and silvery ice skating shoes. She can spin around on her heart-shaped stand.

3. Filmmaker (code EN399)

Barbie filmmaker

There are many movie-related accessories for this toy. It has a stand, two assembling doll parts, and a clapperboard with a sticker.

4. Soccer player (code EN410A)

Soccer player figurine

Even though the doll's soccer gates are made from paper, the figurine looks cute in her high blue boots and a lovely purple T-shirt with a number 59.

5. Cooker (code EN430A)

Cooker figurine

It is fun to cook if you are a pretty blonde girl with a cute apron, a beautiful outfit, cooker hat, and a pink stand with a fun template for drawing.

6. Scientist (code EN394)

Scientist figurine

Do you like to do chemistry experiments? Kids will enjoy some fun experiments with a magnifying glass (a doll stand works like one) while exploring an additional activity list.

7. Music fan (code EN378)

A music fan figurine

A toy with a CD player, red headphones, in a cute outfit has a refined pink stand with yellow loudspeakers that can quickly turn into earrings for a girl.

8. Artist (code EN395)

An artist figurine

Being an artist in your soul means being an artist in everything. This figurine, for example, has a white heart-shaped stand that also works as a real crayon.

All toys from Barbie Kinder egg 2019 series look super cute and fun to add to your collection of figurines from chocolate egg surprises.

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