Awesome L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals Wave 2 and 1 Dolls for Your Collection

The real hair dolls are back with the latest release of L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals Wave 2. This makeover series is fabulous and long-awaited by millions of girls from all over the globe. This time, unlike with the wave 1 launch, all ten new toys have beautiful life-like hairstyles, including the Tough Guy boy.

Newest L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals wave 2 capsules 2019

From totally new looks to the more amusing ways to unbox your surprise capsule in 2019, these dolls can be the best Christmas gift for your child this year. Take a look at the detailed L.O.L. #Hairgoals Wave 2 checklist and recollect the toys from Wave 1.

L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals Wave 2

Be it Christmas in July, real Christmas 2019 or New Year 2020 celebration, you can always make the holiday extra special to your kids by choosing the top-selling L.O.L. Surprise #Hairgoals Series 5 toys.

Review of L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals wave 2 dolls in hairspray can capsules

The maker of these super popular tots, MGA Entertainment, presented the newest L.O.L. Hairgoals Wave 2 checklist and surprised everyone with a real hair boy to collect.

L.O.L. Hairgoals Wave 2 checklist
Image:; @iheartblindbagswithmarissa

Each new hairspray-can capsule comes with 15 surprises:

  • A secret message with a hint
  • A pretty magic mirror
  • Fun stickers
  • Cute hair curlers
  • A bottle for your doll
  • A comb
  • Ability to transform your capsule into a salon chair
  • Bright outfit for your toy
  • Additional accessories to complete the look
  • A secret disguise
  • A pair of little shoes
  • A collectible L.O.L. Surprise #Hairgoals doll (a boy or a girl)

The toys surprise with fun abilities once you feed them some water or give them a bath. The wave 2 hairspray-can capsule boasts a colorful doll by the name of E.D.M.B.B., and the checklist to this update looks very impressive.

L.O.L. Hairgoals Wave 2 Checklist

There are 10 dolls in the Wave 2 collection, including 9 girls and 1 boy, all with real hair.

1. Twang (M-075)

Twang doll with real hair from L.O.L. Hairgoals wave 2 series

This cutie loves the country, judged by her cowgirl-style. Twang represents the Opposites Club being a popular doll with real blonde hair, cute sunglasses, fun shoes, and jeans outfit.

2. Metal Babe (M-076)

L.O.L. #Hairgoals Metal Babe doll with pink and black real hair
Images:; @lolsurpris

Fans of the punk rock style will love this bright Metal Babe from the Opposites Club. Her black-and-pink hairstyle, as well as her black makeup, attracts attention.

3. Prom Princess (M-077)

Prom Princess doll with real hair L.O.L. Surprise #Hairgoals wave 2
Images:; @melodystreasurebox

Another beauty queen in the collection of MGA Entertainment tots is from the Glam Club. It is a fancy girl with real pink hair, a cute yellow dress and pink shoes with pom-poms. Her name is Prom Princess, and her boyfriend for the dance is Tough Guy.

4. Tough Guy (M-078)

Tough Guy real hair boy from L.O.L. Surprise #Hairgoals wave 2
Images:; @lolsurprise

He is with the beautiful Prom Princess from Wave 2, his name is Tough Guy, and he boasts real hair like all other toys from the same series update. This popular boy might remind you of Elvis because of his brilliant hairstyle.

5. M.C. N.Y.C. (M-079)

M.C. N.Y.C. doll from L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals wave 2
Images:; @sophiesplayday

The pretty white curls look extremely cute on M.C. N.Y.C. from Wave 2. This popular doll from Retro Club has a colorful outfit, and she can change color in the water.

6. Valley B.B. (M-080)

Valley B.B. collectible L.O.L. Surprise doll #Hairgoals wave 2
Images:; @sophiesplayday

This new fancy doll also has real hair and changes color when taking a bath. Valley B.B. is from Retro Club. She has cute white bangs and colorful purple, orange, yellow, and green stripes in her light waves.

7. Splits (M-081)

Splits #hairgoals lol surprise doll from wave 2 with real curls

Rare gymnast Splits is willing to conquer the world. After styling her curls into two buns, this cute doll has put on her beautiful leotard and is ready to attend any sports competitions.

8. Pins (M-082)

Pins L.O.L. doll from Hair Goals wave 2 series
Images:; instagram: @rr_funstagram

Pins from Athletic Club is a popular doll that loves to play tennis. Her red hair is styled into a high ponytail. Her black-and-blue outfit looks very fashionable and cute.

9. E.D.M.B.B. (M-083)

E.D.M.B.B. ultra rare L.O.L. dolls Hair Goals wave 2

The doll from the #Hairgoals Wave 2 capsule cover, E.D.M.B.B. is from the new Elektro Club. She is super rare and magnificent. Her colorful loose hair is styled with three small buns on the top.

10. Rainbow Raver (M-084)

Rainbow Raver L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals wave 2 doll
Images:; @youngwildmeyoutube

Another beautiful girl from Elektro Club is Rainbow Raver. This rare cutie has a pretty rainbow outfit and long blue hair with colorful braids of yellow, pink, orange, and blue shades.

L.O.L. Dolls Hair Goals Wave 1 Checklist

While collecting the newest toys from Series 5, you can also add 'hairy' tots from #Hairgoals Wave 1. That series arrives with 12 collectibles; however, only 10 of the 12 dolls boast real hair.

L.O.L. dolls hair goals checklist for wave 1

Here is your checklist for the first wave:

1. Glamour Queen (?-003)

Glamour Queen from L.O.L. Dolls #Hairgoals wave 1

This rare Glamour Queen reminds of Marilyn Monroe. In her sparkling pink dress and with her shiny golden hair, the doll from the first wave, unfortunately, lacks real curls.

2. Shimone Queen (?-004)

Shimone Queen doll from LOL Hair Goals series 5 wave 1
Images:; @heliostoyhunter

Here is the second non-hairy doll from #Hairgoals series wave 1. The sparkling Shimone Queen is also rare like Glamour Queen from the same Glitterati Club.

3. Yang Q.T. (?-006)

Yang Q.T. doll with real hair #Hairgoals
Images:; @viberi_kuklu_lol

This black-and-white styled toy is illustrated on the wave one capsule's cover.  Her name is Yang Q.T., and she represents The Opposites Club.

4. Her Majesty (?-010)

Her Majesty doll with real hair #Hairgoals wave 1
Images:; @lol_surprise_rus

Her Majesty is a fancy girl from Glam Club. She loves to look like a queen. Thus, her everyday look is complete with a beautiful crown.

5. Snow Bunny (?-013)

Snow Bunny lol doll from Hair Goals wave 1
Images:; @heliostoyhunter

Snow Bunny from Chill Out Club looks gentle in her light-pink outfit and with beautiful pink hair. This fancy toy from Hair Goals Wave 1 collection is charming and delightful.

6. Bhaddie (?-017)

Bhaddie doll L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals wave 1
Images:; @americantoys.blg

When you are an ultra-rare collectible, you can be just as bad as this Bhaddie. The girl loves punk music and enjoys adding green stripes to her black hair, wearing black clothes and ripped tights.

7. Sk8er Grrrl (?-021)

Sk8er Grrrl lol doll with real hair from #hairgoals wave 1
Images:; @retnie

If you are from the Athletic Club, you can choose any sports for your taste. The popular Sk8er Grrrl cannot imagine her life without the skateboard. She likes making two ponytails and wearing a big baseball cap.

8. Miss Jive (?-024)

Miss Jive L.O.L. Surprise doll #hairgoals wave 1
Images:; @lolsurprise.plg

A popular girl from Retro Club likes to wear her dark hair in tight curls and dress up into blue outfits. Miss Jive is a stylish and pretty example of a real lady.

9. Daring Diva (?-027)

Daring Diva L.O.L. Surprise doll with real purple hair
Images:; @kitiktv

A fancy toy from the Pop Club by the name of Daring Diva is in love with purple and lavender color shades. The doll's purple hair is styled into two buns, and her brows are also colored purplish. Her leotard is pink with a kitty face print on it.

10. Oops Baby (?-028)

Oops Baby L.O.L. Hair Goals doll wave 1 as Britney Spears
Images:; @retnie

How would Britney Spears look as a L.O.L. Surprise doll? Oops Baby is a popular #hairgoals toy that resembles the world-famous singer.

11. Splatters (?-032)

Splatters Art Club L.O.L. Surprise doll wave 1 hair goals
Images:; @heliostoyhunter

As a painter, Splatters from the Art Club loves to color her hair into pink and blue colors and wear bright outfits with splashes of paints all over the dress and shoes.

12. Witchay Babay (?-036)

Witchay Babay doll with real hair #hairgoals collection wave 1
Images:; @polkylol

This white-haired doll is ready for the most fantastic Halloween 2019. She is dressed up as a witch and comes from the Spooky Club. Her name is Witchay Babay.

This L.O.L. Hairgoals Wave 1 checklist will not be complete without all the clues (secret messages) that give you a hint on which doll you are getting:

L.O.L. Hairgoals Wave 1 checklist with secret messages
Image:; @lolbossqueen

Now you can enrich your collection of toys with the most popular L.O.L. Surprise Hair Goals Wave 2 and 1 dolls.

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