Best L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series Checklist with Names and Photos

The long-expected exclusive L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series checklist is out. It means that you can finally get acquainted with each new male character added to the famous doll line.

L.O.L. Surprise boys series checklist
Image:; @rr_funstagram

MGA Entertainment knows how to impress. Its fashion dolls O.M.G. are the future best-sellers, and its interactive dollhouse is still a must-have Christmas toy in 2019, and its L.O.L. sisters are still much fun to unbox. Now, there is a fresh release of eight boys to collect, where each ball is a guaranteed male doll.

L.O.L. Surprise Boy Series

Boys come in cute blue surprise balls with several accessories and impressive wonders:

  • A mysterious message that gives you a hint
  • Cute stickers
  • A male outfit
  • A pair of doll shoes
  • Additional accessories
  • A bottle to feed water to your toy
  • A collectible tot (twin brothers to some known sisters)

Checklist of lol male dolls 2019

Just as always, there are several clubs new brothers belong to, and each doll has its sign of uniqueness (popular, fancy, rare and ultra-rare).

Once unboxed, the ball becomes a cute doll stand or a carrying case. The boy, on its end, can exchange clothes with his brothers and sisters and have fun playing in the water, surprising you with color change, tears, peeing and other abilities.

L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series Checklist

Discover the names of the newest characters and find the awesome unboxing photos in our L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series checklist.

1. King Bee (Boys-001)

King Bee rare brother from L.O.L. Surprise series
Images:; @rr_funstagram

This sparkling toy represents The Glitterati Club. King Bee is the only glitter doll in the male series. Being the twin brother of Queen Bee, this rare tot is styled in black-and-gold colors. His golden hair and dark skin make him an adorable male bee.

2. Sunny (Boys-002)

Sunny brother lol surprise doll
Images:; @rr_funstagram

This popular brother is on the bright side of The Opposites Club. He loves good vibes and even wears a hat that says VIBES. He likes bright colors and boasts light hair dreads.

3. Nightfall (Boys-003)

Nightfall doll from L.O.L. series
Images:; @rr_funstagram

Being the opposite of his brother Sunny, Nightfall prefers wearing black clothes and mohawk hairstyle. His favorite styles are skulls, bones, and probably punk music.

4. His Royal High-Hey (Boys-004)

His Royal High-Hey boy doll
Images:; @rr_funstagram

The fancy representative of the Glam Club, His Royal High-Hey is a modern king-to-be. His cute blue eyes and curls look innocent, while the blue hair color hints that he is a naughty child whose 'wants' are all turned into life.

5. Smarty Pants (Boys-005)

Smarty Pants brother toy
Images:; @rr_funstagram

The Spirit Club has a lot of smart kids, and Smarty Pants is one of them. This popular brother wears glasses, school uniform and, for some reason, is allowed to dye his hair into a bright pink color.

6. Luau (Boys-006)

Luau male doll with green hair and in Hawaiian style clothes
Images:; @rr_funstagram

It is fun to be a part of the Theater Club because you can imagine anything. Luau, for example, believes he is on Hawaiian vacation right now. He wears a cute outfit with Hibiscus flower print, cute sunglasses, and white tennis shoes. Luau's hair is of a bizarre green color.

7. Do-Si-Dude (Boys-007)

Do-Si-Dude male doll in cowboy style
Images:; @rr_funstagram

This cowboy is a popular male in the Dance Club. He wears a big hat that protects him from the bright sun, cute paints with a cow print and awesome boots.

8. Boy Next Door (Boys-008)

Boy Next Door male doll from L.O.L. Surprise series
Images:; @rr_funstagram

Do you have a L.O.L. Surprise dollhouse? Now you can add an elder brother Boy Next Door (an ultra-rare tot) who wishes to join his big family and move into a big beautiful house. His white-and-black hair looks impressive, and he loves bright colors, including yellow, pink, blue, and white.

We hope you like our L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series checklist. Which brothers have you already added to your collection?

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