Fun Capsule Chix Dolls to Construct One-of-a-Kind Fashion Toy

Kids love to construct and build new things using small blocks. However, it is also possible to make a one-of-a-kind character using toy parts. Capsule Chix dolls offer such experience to all girls who love fashions, enjoy unboxing fun playsets and styling their imaginary friends.

Capsule Chix Dolls

This doll-to-construct series is created for kids who are six years old and above. The playsets have been already released, offering over 15 surprises to everyone who likes to find secrets inside blind capsules.

Capsule Chix Moose Toys

Moose Toys is the company that stands behind construction playsets with Capsule Chix dolls. Each package priced at $14.99 includes five mystery containers with a total of 15 or even more surprises inside.

Capsule Chix Moose Toys

There are four themes to enjoy:

  • Purple (Giga Glam)
  • Blue (Ctrl+Alt+Magic)
  • Yellow (Ram Rock)
  • Pink (Sweet Circuits)

Each theme comes with multiple options for your construction projects. You can find many different dolls inside the package of one color, plus even more fashion styles to share between the characters.

Capsule Chix machine with blind bags

To release your mystery package, you have to turn the style dial on the box. What is hidden inside the five blind boxes? There are many things to enjoy:

  • A cute character from one of the four collections
  • Fashions (shoes, bags, headphones, capes, skirts, etc.)
  • Some surprises are rare and hard to find

Capsule Chix Dolls

Moose Toys allows kids expressing their sense of style through the gameplay. You can build an exclusive doll from head to toe. It is possible to mix hands, torso, faces, hairstyles, shoes, dresses, fashion accessories, and always make something new.

Collections of Capsule Chix Dolls

With the option of constructing over four billion looks within the collections, everything is possible.

Each construction doll boasts 14 points of articulation. You can pose her how you wish. Besides, there is a stand for your character, in case you would like to display your collectible cutie.

Capsule Chix Moose construction dolls with articulation points

To add more fun and excitement into unboxing the toys, Moose has chosen to hide some rare and limited edition pieces of fashion for young collectors.

What do you think about these new Capsule Chix Dolls and the idea of building more than four billion styles within the series?

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