Pretty Kindi Kids Shopkins: Collection of Snack Time Friends Baby Dolls

Resembling their elder and smaller sisters Shoppies, the new Kindi Kids Shopkins toys are finally everywhere. You can see their sparkling eyes on Amazon and in other shops across the USA, Australia, the UK, etc. These Snack Time Friends are super cute and can become must-have pre-school toys for Christmas 2019.

Kindi Kids Dolls

These 10-inch baby dolls remind of Disney Animators' Collection concept. Shoppies just suddenly began to look like toddlers, and their baby cuteness is very heart-touching.

Kindi Kids Shopkins

Moose Toys make these new pre-school toys. This famous company stands behind the famous Shopkins brand, and now Kindi Kids collection of playsets and toddler dolls.

The official release is expected on August 1, 2019. Still, you can already -pre-order your cutie if you are willing to wait for the shipping date.

Peppa-Mint toddler doll

Kindi Kids Dolls

A collection of dolls includes four characters:

  • Peppa-Mint
  • Donatina
  • Jessicake
  • Marsha Mello

Jessicake toddler doll

Each character boasts a bobbling-wobbling head, additional accessories and pretty long hair that is fun to style and brush.

Marsha Mello baby doll

These toys can pretend to bite sweets, eat cereal, cupcake, etc.

Kindi Kids Playsets

These pre-school toys are great for role-playing, learning products, colors, getting shopping experience, and improving fine motor skills.

Kindi Kids Rabbit Petkin Shopping Cart

Kindi Kids Rabbit Petkin Shopping Cart, for example, can be filled up with various colorful Shopkins. The set comes with two exclusives to start your collection.

When the cart is rolling, you can enjoy how the rabbit's ears bobble and paws walk. It is an incredible experience.

Kindi Kids Kitty Petkin Supermarket

Kindi Kids Kitty Petkin Supermarket is also an excellent pre-school toy with the scale, scanner, register, basket, and other cute extras.

There is also a cute playmat (its size is 24 x 24 inch) that adds realistic feeling to the supermarket games.

Kindi Kids Beat Petkin Refrigerator

Take your Rabbit Shopping Cart to the Kitty Petkin Supermarket and get enough Shopkins products for dinner. Now you can place your products to the Kindi Kids Beat Petkin Refrigerator. This playset is also colorful and fantastic.

It arrives with four exclusive Shopkins and various fun-to-play areas like the freezer, ice cubes, and shelves.

Kindi Kids Moose Toys Price

Each Snack Time Friends doll is priced under $25.

Donatina baby doll

The playsets cost from $15 (for the Rabbit Petkin Shopping Cart) to $30 (for the Kitty Petkin Supermarket).

Each toy from the collection of Kindi Kids Shopkins looks fantastic. Some customers only wish there were more skin tones offered by Moose. Maybe this will change in the future.

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