Cute L.O.L. Surprise Furniture Playsets for Girls

Even if you have no dollhouse for your MGA tots, you can still enjoy the upcoming L.O.L. Surprise Furniture playsets. These novelties will impress you with a collectible doll (an exclusive one) and lovely pieces of house goods to decorate a toy room.

L.O.L. Surprise Furniture playsets for girls 2019

The 'boutique' and 'beauty salon' updates in the vast and top-rated series of MGA Entertainment toys for girls looks very exciting.

L.O.L. Surprise Furniture

It is fun to see Furniture boxes after the long-expected release of the new O.M.G. fashion dolls and Boys Series.

New L.O.L. Furniture toys with exclusive doll 2019

Each new box looks very bright and colorful. On the top, you can read what to expect inside your playset. It can be a fashion boutique, a beauty salon, or something else.

Queen Bee doll with L.O.L. boutique playset 2019

Here is what makes this novelty toy so exciting:

  • A box that becomes a fold-out playset
  • An exclusive doll (included)
  • 10+ wonders to unbox
  • Fun accessories for your toys

These newest collectibles are not officially released yet, so not much is known about all the accessories, dolls, and furniture pieces you can get.

Diva exclusive doll with L.O.L. beauty salon playset 2019

So far, we have seen exclusive Queen Bee and Diva tots to enjoy, and their playrooms with a salon chair, hairstyle accessories, cute golden wardrobe, a floor mirror, and other sweet house goods.

Furniture for L.O.L. dollhouse with an exclusive toy
Image:; @majas.playtime

Each set looks like a lot of fun to unbox and play. What do you think about L.O.L. Surprise Furniture collectibles? Would these toys look great in your dollhouse?

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