Best L.O.L. Surprise Subscription Box 2019 with Exclusive Accessories and Toys

CultureFly came out with a new way of delivering surprises. Anyone who loves MGA Entertainment mystery balls and capsules might wish to receive L.O.L. Surprise Subscription Box four times a year beginning in 2019.

L.O.L. subscription box summer 2019
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The company promises to deliver goods at least once a season. Every box would contain 6-8 products for children.

L.O.L. Surprise Subscription Box

It is already possible to order your first gift with accessories and toys. One package costs $38 per season. However, if you choose an annual subscription, you will have to pay $34 per box.

L.O.L. Surprise Subscription package price

What will you receive at this price? CultureFly promises to deliver exclusive accessories, custom things to enjoy, unique clothes, and toys from existing MGA lines (pets, mystery balls).

Subscription boxes for kids 2019 L.O.L. Surprise series
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Here are some ideas of what dolls or toys could be offered with your package:

What you should not expect inside your package:

What is inside package with L.O.L. theme accessories and toys

L.O.L. Surprise Subscription Box Review

It is better to order the new mystery package with a bunch of surprises for kids who are 6-14 years old. Why is it so?

Since each seasonal package includes clothes, you will have to choose the correct size to wear. Right now, site where you can order your box only offers the following sizes of a t-shirt:

  • Children 6/8
  • Kids 8/12
  • Kids 12/14

Size of children clothes with L.O.L. theme

No other sizes are available for little ones or grown-ups.

The theme of the first package is "Retro Club." It is planned to ship in July, so there is still time to order it if you are willing to enjoy some exclusive gifts this summer.

L.O.L. Surprise Subscription Box Discount Code

Those who are not willing to spend $34-$38 per each package are looking for the best discount codes and coupons. Do any exist in 2019?

We have not found any discounts for the first seasonal package, but CultureFly might offer some coupons for the upcoming holiday season. Keep an eye on the possible codes during Black Friday and Christmas sales, and you might be lucky to save a couple of bucks.

L.O.L. dolls and accessories
Image:; @lolsurprisebox

Are you planning to get at least one L.O.L. Surprise Subscription Box this year?

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