Cute Nanables Toys Collectibles: Mini Houses with Nano Figures

Look how cute these little collectible houses are. New eye-catching and colorful Nanables toys released in July-August 2019 are lovely. Tiny figures, called Nanos, inhabit these sweet places, and they are fun to collect and play.

Miniature toys Unicorn house and Nano collectible

These mini playsets are packed like a snow globe. They are a pleasure to unbox, and each surprise hidden inside is a cute detail that makes the whole Nanos world so fantastic.

Nanables Toys

Cute collectibles created by Jazwares (Tesseract Ventures, LLC) offer a unique 'your world - your way' concept.

Unicorn mini house

Colorful houses hidden in a transparent sphere are very detailed. Each one is like a mysterious dwelling packed with doors, windows, furniture, decorations, and adventures for Nano figurines.

The size of a house is approximately 2 inches. You can only imagine how tiny Nanos are, as such mini houses are their sweet homes in the wonderland of miniature toys.

New toys 2019 Nanables collectibles

The first wave of these collectibles includes two themes:

  • Sweetness Town
  • Rainbow Way

Each theme comes with six mini dwellings to collect.

Sweetness Town playsets or mini houses

The Sweetness Town toys include Cupcake Place, Dusted Donut Diner, Gumdrop Gazebo, Kettle Corner Bistro, Lolli-Pop Stars Dance Studio, and Milk & Cookie Mill.

Rainbow Way mini houses to play

The Rainbow Way playsets include Make It Rain-Bow Arcade, Over-the-moon Macarons, Rainbow-tique, Sparkle Day Spa, The Gided Wing, and Twinkle Twinkle Inn.

Nanos toys collectibles collector's guide

These houses are inhabited by Nanos, and there are 24 Nano mini-dolls to collect.

Nanables App

There is also a free Nanables app you can download for even more fun. This application tricks your imagination and allows you to customize the mysterious world of Nanos.

Nanables app

You can download the free app for iOS devices on the App Store. It lets you decorate the streets of the Nanables town with lights, benches, mini houses, trees, etc.

If you would like to unlock new options, scan your toy and enjoy more fun.

Nanables Price

The official release date is set for August 15, 2019, and September 1, 2019, on Amazon. These sets are the best to pre-order because the price is $16.99 for the pack of three.

Sweetness Town theme launch date on Amazon:

Sweetness Town release date and price

Rainbow Ways theme release date on Amazon:

Nanables price and release date Rainbow Way

At the same time, individual sellers are willing to ship the collectibles to you in July if you are willing to pay over $20 per one set.

What do you think about these tiny yet amazing Nanables toys? Can they make excellent party favorites this upcoming Christmas or New Year?

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