L.O.L. Dolls Lil Sisters as Ooh La La Baby Surprise

Lil sisters created by MGA Entertainment in their fantastic L.O.L. toys series have grown in their size and turned into huge kids. Known as Ooh La La Baby Surprise, these cute dolls come with fabulous accessories and offer fun unboxing experience.

Ooh La La Baby Surprise
Image: instagram.com; @tanjastoysreview

If you love cute little dolls with surprising abilities to change color in the water, you might also enjoy adding a big-yet-little toy-child to your collection of O.M.G. fashion dolls, #hairgoals series 2 and exclusive L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series.

Ooh La La Baby Surprise

Each big cutie is packed into a colorful drum-like box and decorated with bright pink and blue stripes along with the image of the toy you are getting.

New L.O.L. Surprise dolls 2019 big baby

The collection includes three characters:

  • Lil Kitty Queen
  • Lil D.J.
  • Lil Bon Bon

Lil Kitty Queen from Ooh La La toy
Images: amazon.com

These cuties are much bigger than regular Lil Sisters, but their looks resemble the original toys.

Lil Bon Bon Ooh La La collection
Images: amazon.com

Each box is a real mystery with multiple cute accessories inside:

  • A fashionable purse
  • A 'broken' cell phone
  • A pacifier necklace
  • Lovely lip gloss that changes color
  • A bottle with glitter that disappears
  • Pretty sunglasses
  • Your chosen collectible character (Lil sister D.J., Bon Bon or Kitty Queen)
Lil D.J. Ooh La La series 2019
Images: amazon.com

Ooh La La Baby Surprise Price

The new toys were released in the summer of 2019. They can quickly become an exclusive and must-have gift for Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020 for any real fan of L.O.L. toys.
Each big cutie costs under $40.

Ooh La La Baby Surprise price
Image: walmart.com

How much do you love the new big Ooh La La Baby Surprise toys? Is it on your favorite toy list in 2019?

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