Summer Vacation in Kinder Maxi Minion 2019 Series Around the World

Welcome a new series of cute toy collectibles for kids from Kinder Surprise. The giant chocolate eggs Kinder Maxi Minion 2019 offer a summer series of famous yellow creatures from "Despicable Me" animated comedy film. This time they are traveling around the world.

Kinder Maxi chocolate egg surprise

Where would you like to go on a summer vacation? Should it be China, Egypt, Hawaii, Mexico, or would you love to take a tour across all the USA states?

Kinder Maxi Minion 2019

Each chocolate egg surprise is fun to unbox. You can enjoy delicious milky chocolate plus find a blind capsule with a toy inside. You never know which collectible you are to get, and this makes Kinder Surprise Maxi collections so exciting.

Kinder Surprise Maxi collection summer 2019

The latest Kinder Surprise Maxi Minions 2019 series was released on June 19, 2019.

It appeared in stores in the middle of the summer. Thus, this "vacation" set is rather small. There are only three toys to collect.

Despicable Me toys from Kinder Surprise Maxi eggs 2019

Kinder Surprise Maxi Minions 2019

While the chocolate egg is way bigger than regular Kinder Surprises with Barbie toys 2019, the size of figurines themselves is just the same or even smaller.

The funny characters from "Despicable Me" have their unique codes. Each "Banana" creature has chosen his destination.

1. Minion in China (ENB27)

Minion in China ENB27

A visit to China is a fun, unforgettable trip. You can get acquainted with a huge red dragon with his jars wide open. Will it eat you? Of course, no. Minions know when to run away.

This playset consists of several assembly parts. The main toy is the size of a regular Kinder Surprise figure, while the dragon is way bigger. There is also a piece of paper with Chinese places of interest.

2. Minion on Motorcycle (ENB28)

Minion on motorcycle ENB28

Jump on your motorcycle and travel across the USA. There is so much to see, from New York to San Francisco.

Enjoy a cute playset with a yellow creature on a motorcycle. It is a two-piece toy you will have to assemble. There is also a paper collage with desert, cactuses and a road to ride.

3. Minion in Hawaii (ENB29)

Minion in Hawaii ENB29

It is hard to imagine summer vacation without the ocean or sea. Creatures from the "Despicable Me" animation series understand this like no one else.

Our hero chooses Hawaii and spends an impressive vacation swimming in the ocean, sunbathing on the sandy coast and resting in the hammock between two palm trees.

The toy consists of a collectible figure on the surfing board with stickers, a blue wave piece, a greet plastic parachute and a paper image of palms and ocean coast.

These are the three collectibles from Kinder Maxi Minion 2019 release. Which character do you like the most?

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