New Poopsie Surprise Animals Suggest Glitter Unicorn and Llama Dolls

It looks like two new waves are coming in the series of Poopsie Slime Surprise dolls. These are just hints without any official report from MGA Entertainment. However, the original photos on Amazon suggest that we will see both glitter unicorns and cute llamas under the Poopsie Surprise Animals brand.

Poopsie Surprise Animals dolls with slime

Grrrl Toys expect the release of these novelties in August or early fall 2019.

Poopsie Surprise Animals

We have seen some cute llama and glitter unicorn dolls that poop with slime. It is currently not clear whether both mini-series are to be launched at the same time and in the same-style packages or not.

Some Amazon sellers promise to deliver the new Unicorn or Llama doll as soon as September 9 - October 25.

Glitter Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

The future unicorns look sparkly and shiny, but there are no images leaked that hint at the toy package.

Glitter Poopsie Unicorn Surprise dolls 2019
Images:; @rr_funstagram

One of these dolls gets a pretty gloss pink body and long white hair with pastel rainbow stripes. It boasts a golden horn, white diapers and blue T-shirt with cloud-and-rainbow print on it.

The other doll has a purple body with sparkles, two ponytails, a silver horn and beautiful pink eyes with long eyelashes.

Poopsie Surprise Llama

At the same time, the llama dolls should arrive in big soda bottle packages similar in design to smaller Sparkly Critters. The leaked photo shows an image of the bottle with a pink Poopsie Llama glancing at us through the rainbow.

Poopsie Surprise Llama with Unicorn Horn slime surprise

As for the Llama characters, they will be available in pink and white body colors, with golden horns, cute diapers, and T-shirts. They will have no hair.

MGA Entertainment new toys Surprise Animals

Maybe Glitter Unicorn Surprises would hide in similar soda bottles just with a face of a unicorn peering through the rainbow. Who knows?

Or the sparkling unicorn dolls could get the same package the four characters (Dazzle Darling, Whoopsie Doodle, Bright Star, and Oopsie Starlight) have now, just in a different color option.

Slime kit for girls

What's supposed to be inside each package? Here are some suggestions:

  • Unicorn or Llama doll
  • About 20 fun things to unbox
  • Slime kit (packages with sparkle, shimmer, magic extras, and food)
  • Potty
  • Spoon
  • Cup
  • Other accessories

These Poopsie Surprise Animals dolls should be a top Christmas gift in 2019. Who doesn't want a llama or glitter unicorn for herself?

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