Magical Flying Owl Toy 2019: Interactive Baby Owleez for Girls

Can your child teach a baby owl to fly? Spin Master made it possible this year by releasing a flying owl toy 2019 called Owleez. This interactive pet responds to touch and care.

Flying owl toy 2019

Owleez is available in pink and white colors.

Flying Owl Toy 2019

Seeing interactive pets is not a novelty in the world of toys. Spin Master already introduced kids to Hatchimals several years ago and brought impressive Llalacorns in 2019.

Owleez is another novelty designed by this toy company. And Spin Master knows how to create magical pets that would impress girls and boys.

Owleez is such a pet. It arrives in a colorful box, which transparent showcase reveals the baby owl color and its nest.

Owleez flying baby owl package regular and recycled

You can enjoy your interactive pet in a recycled package if you choose to order it online (instead of the physical store).

The logo says, "Teach me to fly."

Flying owl toy Owleez of pink color

Each box contains:

  • One Owleez (pink or white)
  • One nest for the baby bird
  • One food accessory to feed your toy
  • Instructions
  • Quick start guide

These interactive toys are on the Christmas toy list 2019, and they are designed for girls and boys who are at least six years old.

Owleez Flying Baby Owl Interactive Toy

Amazon and Walmart currently sell Owleez at $34.99. The recommended manufacturer's price is about $39. Maybe Black Friday deals would bring a nice discount on it.

There are two flying owl toys to choose from:

  • Flying baby owl in pink color
  • Interactive bird in white color

The flying baby owl from the Christmas toy list 2019 is willing to learn to fly with the help of a child.

It should be fun to practice flying and enjoy how quickly the pet learns. It really flies, and this magical feature is what attracts kids in this novelty.

Interactive baby Owleez white color toy

The bird loves when kids pet it, tickle, move around, take care, and watch the Owleez dance. Besides, the toy can sing, pretend to eat berries, and perform more than 100 movements and sounds.

The bird's eyes change color depending on its mood.

Flying baby owl of white color

The nest included to playset also works as the bird charger. It has a built-in USB cord, and it is rechargeable. When the toy is inside the nest, it is charging.

The new flying owl toy 2019 brings magic and unique experience to the gameplay. Who would not be happy to find this interactive pet under the Christmas tree?

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