Soft Fashion Dolls Na! Na! Na! Surprise Release Date

With L.O.L. Surprise toys being still popular all over the world, MGA Entertainment does not rest. The company keeps turning new ideas and designs into life. Its next project is called Na! Na! Na! Surprise. The collection of soft fashion dolls will make you go NaNaNa.

Na! Na! Na! Surprise price and release date
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The unboxing experience is different from the L.O.L. Surprise, and the price of the newest 2019 soft fashion dolls is still unknown.

Na! Na! Na! Surprise

MGA Entertainment promises the official Na! Na! Na! Surprise release date to be on December 1, 2019.

It means that the cutest and sweetest soft fashion dolls have enough time to reach the house of a little girl. And she might find a pretty pink balloon box under her Christmas tree this year.

Na! Na! Na! Surprise in pink balloon
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NaNaNa collectibles are each boxed inside a balloon, which also contains confetti and surprises for a child.

How to unbox soft fashion dolls Na! Na! Na! Surprise

Here is how the box should be unboxed:

  1. Insert a straw into the balloon.
  2. Blow into the straw to pop your balloon.
  3. Enjoy the confetti dance.
  4. Find surprise packages and a clip-on pom inside.
  5. Unbox the packages to find the doll's outfit.
  6. Unzip the clip-on pom and find your collectible character from Series 1 inside.

Checklist for Na! Na! Na! Surprise

Series 1 includes six characters. Each one is a soft doll with a bright outfit and real hair you can brush and braid.

New 2019 soft fashion dolls by MGA Entertainment
Image:; @surprise_dolls_lol

Each character has a unique birthday date and some information about oneself.

Checklist Na! Na! Na! Surprise series 1

The soft fashion dolls checklist is here:

  • Unicorn doll Britney Sparkles (she was born on August 13, and this girl loves to reach for the stars)
  • Cute bear Sarah Snuggles (her birthday is on March 21, and she is way too cute to bear)
  • Sheep or llama Minna Moody (she celebrates her B-Day on May 24, and she does not want to talk about it)
  • Bunny Aubrey Heart (she was born on April 12, and this soft fashion doll enjoys looking fabulous)
  • Sweet fox Roxie Foxy (her birthday is on January 1, and she loves to impress everyone with her outfits)
  • Tiger CJ Cuddles (the only boy in the Series 1 born on September 12, who loves to roar and win)

The new Series 1 of cute Na! Na! Na! Surprise will be available in Target, Walmart, and Amazon. So look forward to December 1, 2019, to get your hands on these soft fashion dolls that are perfect as Christmas gifts for girls.

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