Cute Baby Born Surprise Pets Series 1 with 10 Surprises to Unbox: Checklist

They are hard to find in stores, yet they are already released. Nine cute characters from the newest Baby Born Surprise Pets Series 1 saw the world in December 2019, while they were expected to arrive only in early 2020. The Christmas season is already here.

Baby Born Surprise Pets Series 1

Grrrl Toys offers the checklist for these new collectibles. Find out the names of pets that change color in water and can even turn into another animal.

Baby Born Surprise Pets

Firstly, unlike Baby Born Surprise cuties, the collection of Pets from Series 1 comes in pink fabric towels with paw prints. This bundle of joy boasts 10+ surprises, so each girl will have much fun unboxing her new pet toy and discovering which character is inside.

Baby Born Surprise Pets price

Some sellers offer the bundles of 2 at $36.99. However, one pack should cost around $9.99 or $6.99 if on sale, similar to the cute little Baby Born Surprise girls and boys.

It is fun to adopt any new member from the Baby Born Surprise Pets Series 1.

Cute Baby Born Pets in soft swaddles checklist

Firstly, these toys come in beautiful soft swaddles styled like fantasy animals (kitties, unicorns, bunnies, and so on). Secondly, each character comes with a sleepy face that has to be washed to open the eyes and reveal their color.

The unboxing experience is the same as with little Baby Born Bathtub Surprise girls. Once the eyes are open, they can not close again. Still, this is an unforgettable experience to adore.

Checklist for Baby Born Surprise Pets Series 1

Each set includes:

  • A collectible animal with color change surprise
  • A cute swaddle for fun games
  • A pacifier
  • A blue tub for water games
  • A fabric towel with paw prints
  • A collector's guide with details about the toys

There are nine animal characters with unique names and pretty looks. By their swaddles, you can distinguish:

  • Unicorn Heart
  • Orange Kitty
  • Dottle Blue
  • Sweet Fox
  • Rosy Bear
  • Penguin
  • Pink Leopard
  • Lion Cub
  • Bunny Hops

However, each Baby Born animal can become someone different once you give it a cold bath. Only make sure the water is icy; otherwise, the changes might not occur.

Checklist for Baby Born Surprise Pets series 1

Here are magical transformations you can observe:

  • A cute kitten Tabby Kitty can turn into Tiger
  • A lovely white Polar Bear becomes Panda Bear
  • A white Bunny with a purple bow turns into orange Bunny Bows with a stylish bodysuit
  • A White Poddle becomes an orange Poodle Stripes
  • A yellow Canary suddenly turns into a green Parrot
  • A white Llama changes her body color to Pink Llama
  • A Fox becomes a Racoon
  • A regular-looking Monkey goes wild and transforms into Monkey Bananas with a lovely bodysuit
  •  A tiny Chihuahua grows into Corgi

Review of new Baby Born Surprise Pets series 1 collectibles that change color in water

Besides changing body color, outfits, and transforming into new animals, these cute Baby Born toys boast a Birth Certificate. It is a fun quiz for a child to guess the name (by the animal's eye color), birthday (by the swaddle style) and get other information about the character from the collector's guide.

Does your new animal toy from the Baby Born Surprise Pets Series 1 originate from forest, mountains, farm, city, or jungle? Have you guessed his or her name yet?

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