Big Hairdorables 18 Inch Mystery Fashion Doll with Surprises and Pajama

The newest characters with the logo "Big Hair Don't Care" are not only to get poseable bodies in the Hairmazing series but also to grow into a bigger toy. The next series we will see is called Hairdorables 18-inch Mystery Fashion Doll. It already boasts two well-known characters.

Hairdorables 18 Inch Mystery Fashion Doll

The first two dolls to get to stores are Noah and Willow.

Hairdorables 18 Inch Mystery Fashion Doll

Cute 18-inch dolls arrive in colorful cardboard boxes. They are not ordinary dolls of their class. Inside each box, there are fun surprises to unbox and a cute outfit to wear.

Each character is beautiful. The faces are easily recognized because both Noah and Willow look exactly like their small Hairdorables versions. They have huge eyes, a lovely smile, and long rooted hair.

Big 18" dolls by Just Play first look

These 18-inch toys are designed for kids of 3+ years old.

The collection lacks joint knees, elbows, and wrists. Still, the bodies are poseable because the dolls can sit and stand (most likely, with support).

About Hairdorables Mystery Fashion Dolls

Walmart already has two new dolls in stock at $34.97 per one toy. They are Noah and Willow.

Price on 18-inch Willow toy by Just Play on Amazon and Walmart

Amazon has only Willow in-stock at the moment. However, it is overpriced and offered by a third-party seller at $115.99 right now. The price will most likely jump down to under $35 as soon as Amazon starts to sell Hairdorables Mystery Fashion dolls as a seller.

18 inch Willow Hairdorables mystery fashion doll with pink rooted hair

Willow boasts beautiful long pink hair, a cute green dress with a pink heart at the top, unicorn headband and cute winter-styled shoes.

18 inch Noah vlogger Hairdorables mystery fashion doll

Her friend Noah, a famous toy vlogger, created by Just Play, features blue hair (also rooted and long). Noah comes in cute floral shorts and a pretty petal-styled t-shirt along with a pair of boots.

Both girls have mystery accessories hidden inside the box. One of the pieces is pajama fashion. Other surprises also seem to be an excellent addition to the package.

The collection will most likely feature other Hairdorables 18 Inch Mystery Fashion Doll characters in 2020.

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