Cutest Dolls Ever: Baby Born Bathtub Surprise with 20+ Surprises

Do you remember cute Baby Born Surprise toys created by MGA in cooperation with Zapf Creation? Well, these baby dolls have grown way more significant in a new series of toys called Baby Born Bathtub Surprise. These new cuties offer similar unboxing experience and some unique features.

Baby Born Bathtub Surprise

There are several characters in the series that differ by swaddle and skin color.

Baby Born Bathtub Surprise

The cute dolls arrive in bright pink boxes with multiple illustrations that show some of the features included.

The front reads "Baby Born Surprise Bathtub Surprise," and there is an additional line about 20+ surprises you can get with this cute toy.

There are several fantastic things this toy can do. And each one (hair, diaper, eyes, and t-shirt surprises) will impress any child.

Baby Born Bathtub Surprise collection of toys Princess, Daisy Bow, Kitty

The new toys were released in October 2019. The series features six main characters and four names:

  • Princess
  • Daisy
  • Bow
  • Kitty

The skin color, swaddle style and hairstyle can differ, even if the name is the same.

Each cutie with big eyes is priced at $29.99 - $39.99 on Amazon, Walmart, and other stores.

First Look at Baby Born Surprise Bathtub Surprise

Each set is more significant than the regular Baby Born Surprise.

What is inside the box with Baby Born Bathtub Surprise doll

When you look at the package, you think that the doll is asleep. Her eyes are closed, and the girl who unboxes the box can open them by wiping these sleepy eyes away using water.

This eye surprise can only be enjoyed once. The eyes will not close once they have been opened. But this idea is still fantastic.

Doll with color-changing hair Baby Born Bathtub 20+ surprises

Besides, the box includes:

  • A baby doll to cuddle and love
  • A glittery bathtub for water fun
  • Color-changing hair (it works in cold water)
  • A cute ducky that dissolves in the water turning into a t-shirt
  • A couple of diapers for the toy
  • Cute accessories (a towel, bracelet, bottle)
  • Colorful swaddle (of pink, purple, teal shade)
  • An accessory in the drawn hair (kitty ears, a bow, tiara or daisies)

There are more than 20 accessories to enjoy. Each doll has her pretty hairstyle, eye color, t-shirt design. The toy can drink water from the bottle and pee. It enjoys bathing and impressing kids with her color-changing features.

The new Baby Born Bathtub Surprise series seems to be extra cute. It can be a perfect Christmas gift for a girl.

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