Cute Aliens and Unicorns: Goo Goo Galaxy Doll with DIY Slime Maker Kit

Slime making kits are top-rated toys among kids of both genders in 2019. Finding a new Goo Goo Galaxy doll, be it a unicorn or a cute alien, under the Christmas tree will be a happy moment for any child. What do these squeezy belly dolls offer?

Goo Goo Galaxy doll

The 5-inch and 8-inch doll characters are lovely. They have transparent bodies for the slime to see-through, some of them glow, and all of them are squishy cuties.

Goo Goo Galaxy Doll

The new 2019 toys are designed for squeezing and slurping 'n' burping slime. It sounds hilarious, and Moose Toys, the company that stands behind the fun "Galaxy alien" brand, made sure to attract considerable attention to its novelty.

Goo Drop Galaxy DIY slime maker kit 8-inch doll

There is an interesting story behind this collection of DIY slime kit toys. The aliens originate from the far-away slime-like-galaxy. They crashed to Earth one day and now wish to be rescued by kids who will fall in love and take care of these squishy slimy-like Drops.

The toys come in single doll packs and Slurp 'N' Slime Goo Drop sets. The price ranges from $14.99 to $29.99 per set on Moose Toys site and Amazon. During Black Friday sale 2019 and Christmas shopping season, the discounts can low the prices of single dolls down to $12 and 8-inch toy pack to $13.

Goo Goo Galaxy Slime Maker Kit

Each 5-inch alien doll is packed inside a box that resembles an alien ship.

Aliens and unicorns with DIY slime maker kit Goo Goo Galaxy 5-inch doll

Single packs contain a cup, a straw, DIY slime maker packages, a dangler string, a passport and one of the eight characters:

  • Flitta Flash (it lights up)
  • Pink Blink (it lights up)
  • Snow Glow (it lights up)
  • Regal Ray (it lights up)
  • Yumi Unicorn
  • Astra Nommy
  • Stella SkyGems
  • Luna Laguna

As you can see, some characters can glow inside their belly, while others boast glittery and squishy bellies. They all are pretty-looking with fantastic "hairstyles" that can look like a donut, golden unicorn corn, pure crystal, girlish pink bow, rainbows, heart-styled ponytails, etc.

Aliens that do comet vomit with slime Goo Goo Galaxy doll 2019

The doll inside the big alien ship is 8-inch tall. Its name is Bowie.

This package contains more accessories and DIY slime maker kit details than single packs. It comes with a ReGOOvinator, and several Glitter Fills for the slime, a couple of sachets as well as glitter seal sheet.

Unlike Poopsie Surprise Unicorns, the newest Goo Goo Galaxy doll does not poop with slime. When you fill-up its belly with the glittery mixture, you can squeeze it and make the toy perform the 'comet vomit.' Does it sound ok with you?

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