New Polar Bear Kinder Maxi Egg Toys for Christmas

What do you imagine when someone talks about Christmas 2019 coming soon? Close your eyes and think of the icy far-away land with penguins. Now add polar bears to this scene, put on a penguin costume on one predator, and you will recreate a new collection of Kinder Maxi egg toys for girls and boys.

Kinder Maxi Egg Toys for Christmas 2019

The big chocolate egg surprises are extra cute this winter.

Kinder Maxi Egg Toys 2019

The giant Kinder Surprise Maxi chocolate eggs have a cute holiday package. It shows various versions of polar bears with Santa Claus hat on, with Christmas star or gift in hands.

The collection was released in European countries in September.

Polar Bear Kinder Maxi 2019 figurines

It is not significant. There are only five toys to unbox and collect, but each one is great-looking and boasts some fun features.

Polar Bear Kinder Maxi Toys

The series includes both polar bears and penguins. While white predators are the main characters, penguins also play a fun role in this set.

Giant chocolate egg surprises Polar Bears

One of the figurines even pretends to be a penguin while traveling to Antarctica.

The toy DVB18 brought a penguin costume from Halloween party and put it on to meet his new friends.

Polar Bear in penguin costume and figurine taking an icy bath

At the same time, another figurine DVB17 is taking an icy bath. This toy can spit water if you press on its legs after letting it swim underwater.

Polar Bear DVB14 from Kinder Maxi egg

One of the mommy bears DVB14 is having fun with her cub. They build an ice yurt. One of the figurines is on top of this roundhouse, and the other one can wheel right inside.

Kinder Maxi polar bear figurine with a book

Another figurine is sunbathing on the icy beach. The toy DVB16 has a cool chair that requires some assembly, and a book to read while being on vacation.

Polar Bear figurine riding an iceberg from Kinder Maxi Christmas egg

The fifth figurine from the Christmas 2019 collection, mommy in a red scarf DVB15, is ice skating on an iceberg. This toy has wheels at the bottom of the iceberg, and it can genuinely ride on a flat surface.

The Christmas series of figurines, Polar Bear Kinder Maxi egg toys 2019, looks attractive and fun to collect this winter.

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