Poseable Hairdorables Hairmazing Fashion Doll Series 1 with 6 Surprises

Grrrl Toys has recently reported about the new poseable Hairdorables Hairmazing fashion doll collection. These fantastic cuties cannot wait to arrive at many homes across the world, and some of them are already available for pre-order. Others are sure to follow.

Hairdorables Hairmazing Fashion Doll Series 1
Images: amazon.com

You already know that #hairmazing series 1 includes six characters. They are Bella, Noah, Willow, Harmony, Kali, and Dee Dee. Each one is designed for kids who are three years old or older.

Hairmazing Fashion Doll Series 1 Release

The bright, colorful boxes remind us that there are six surprises to unbox.

The trendy attitude "bigger hair still don't care" is the same, and these new girls are ready to rock. The front of the box also reveals which character is inside.

Noah Hairmazing fashion doll series 1
Images: amazon.com

This way, you can easily collect your favorite #hairmazing bestie from the first series without overspending too much.

However, it looks like none of the new Hairdorables Hairmazing dolls from series 1 will make it in time for Christmas. The official release is planned for January 1, 2020.

It means that these BFFs are willing to reach your house only after the New Year celebrations.

Hairmazing Fashion Doll Price

Willow, Bella, Kali, and Noah are available for pre-order on Amazon. The prices on these articulated fashion dolls differ a lot from a seller to a seller.

Hairdorables Hairmazing fashion doll price
Image: amazon.com

Individual sellers ask as much as $62 - $63 per oty. Amazon's price is the best, as it is only $19.99 per Kali doll (and will be the same for other characters once they are in-stock).

From the six members of the beautiful #hairmazing crew, four can be pre-ordered right away. Two more girls with #UltimateSquadGoals should soon be revealed as well.

The box includes six surprises, including the collectible poseable character with outstanding rooted hair, impressive looks, and accessories to enjoy.

The size of each doll is 10.5 inches at height.

Kali and Willow Hairdorables Hairmazing fashion dolls series 1
Images: amazon.com

Every box includes four compartments (they hide the surprises) and can become a runway for all the BFFs after unboxing.

At $19.99 per Hairdorables Hairmazing fashion doll from series 1, these fantastic BFFs seem to be more affordable than fully articulated L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. besties. Which one do you wish to add to your collection in 2020?

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