Cute Stuffed Pets from '80s: Pound Puppies Toys 2019 Wave 1

Do you remember cute plush Pound Puppies toys from the '80s that inspired the creation of the animated series by Hanna-Barbera Productions? Well, this classic line is back in 2019. Basic Fun brought classic stuffed doggies to adore in time for Christmas.

Pound Puppies toys

The new toy line is not precisely similar to the one released by Tonka over 30 years ago. Still, these doggies are cute and soft to hug.

Pound Puppies Toys 2019

The new 2019 collection includes six characters. They each have bright colors, name tags, adoption Certificates, and resemblance to the good old '80s stuffed toys.

The package is shaped like a dog's cage in the animal shelter. The puppy's head sticks out at the front as if asking to be adopted.

Pound Puppies toys 2019 wave 1

The logo shows a brown dog hugging a red heart and says, "Adopt a Huggable Best Friend."

Amazon and Walmart have these cute 2019 classic '80s reproduction of Pound Puppies Toys Wave 1 at $19.99 per box. Sometimes the price goes down to $12.99 per stuffed doggie.

Reproduction of '80s Pound Puppies

Basic Fun promises an authentic reproduction of the classic pet toys from the 1980s. Still, those people who remember the original plush animals assure that the sizes are different.

Back in the '80s, the dogs were more significant than the 2019's version, which has a length of about 17 inches.

Classic pound puppies from '80s reproduction of stuffed pet toys in 2019

Still, each 17-inch doggie is soft to hug and very cute. It comes with a sticker sheet for decorations and can be a wonderful Christmas gift for any girl who loves plush animals.

The collection includes various colors:

  • Red with black spots
  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Beige with brown spots
  • Light brown with dark brown spots
  • White with brown spots

Which of the new Pound Puppies toys is your favorite character?

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