New Uni-verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns with Mystery Toys Inside

What are clouds with rainbows meant for in the world of toys? You can dunk your cloud in the water, and it will quickly dissolve, leaving you with colorful bags filled with surprises. New Uni-verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns work just like this. Does not it sound like much fun?

Uni-verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns

There are so many new cute toys unveiled in December 2019, including pretty Na Na Na! Surprises, L.O.L. O.M.G. Series 2 fashion dolls and new O.M.G. styling heads, 18-inch Hairdorables cuties, etc.

Uni-verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns

The newest collectibles are the creation of the Spin Master toy company. Each toy comes as a 2-pack set of two clouds. One is of pink color with a rainbow tongue, and the other one is white with rainbow eyes.

It seems like one cloud is upset and crying over something, and the other one is happy and cute with a beautiful smile and heart-shaped cheeks.

Spin Master Surprise Unicorns series 1

The package looks extra cute and lovely. Both Uni-verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns clouds are mysterious and magical.

Amazon offers these Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorns at $19.99 per pack of two. Sometimes the price drops down to $16.99.

Uni-verse Toys

To unbox these new collectibles, you need to get a bowl and warm water.

New collectibles for girls from Spin Master rainbow clouds with mystery accessories

When clouds are inside the water, they quickly dissolve, changing water's color and turning it into a slime-like mixture.

In this slime, you can see cute packages with mystery accessories and figurines to collect.
One cloud has one collectible unicorn, one pet friend, two accessories, a bio card with some details about your character, instructions and collector's guide.

Mystery toys Uni-verse Surprise Unicorns series 1

Figures come with additional accessories, including donuts, mustache, lipsticks, to wear on their horns.

It is fun to combine these accessories and create new looks and styles.

Uni-verse unicorn figures by Spin Master

The first series of Uni-verse Collectible Surprise Unicorns has more than 40 toys to unbox and collect. Some of them glow in the dark, some have pleasant scents, and others get cute hair.

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