Coffee Cups with Kitten Catfé Purrista Girls Doll Surprises and Tiny Cats

It is now fashionable to hide surprises in mystery bags and various packages with toys. In 2020, you will see a new series of cat-inspired Kitten Catfé Purrista Girls. Each doll will have glitter eyes, a hair wig, and an articulated body.

Kitten Catfe Purrista toys 2020

The new 2020 Kitten Catfé Purrista toys are to be released in mid-February.

Kitten Catfe Purrista Toys

The series 1 of these cat-inspired articulated dolls sounds very promising. Surprises, hidden in coffee cups, help to dress up a meowing-girl toy and help it to look fashionable and in style.

With Amazon, you can already pre-order your new Kitten Catfé Purrista Girls doll. The price is $9.99 per toy, and Amazon promises to have it in stock as soon as February 15.

Price and release date of Kitten Catfé Purrista Girls Doll

Kitten Catfé Purrista Girls Dolls

Series 1 brings 12 cute characters hidden inside a coffee cup toy.

Checklist Kitten Catfé Purrista Girls doll series 1

Each Kitten Catfé Purrista girl includes:

  • One bis-catti mystery bag that contains an articulated cat-inspired doll;
  • One creamer cup that hides a lovely outfit for the toy along with new shoes;
  • One sweet packet that adds another accessory and mystery piece of fashion gear;
  • One tea bag that dissolves in water and reveals from 1 to 3 tiny cats known as meowbles;
  • A collector's guide with instructions.
What is inside Kitten Catfé Purrista Girls Doll Figures Series #1

The toy creamer cup can be used as a cat bed or basket.

The doll's hair can be removed. The toy's shoes and outfits are also removable. Cat-inspired fashion dolls boast five points of articulation, which is basic, but still fun to enjoy.

Mystery cat surprises in tea bags Kitten Catfe Purrista toys collectibles

New cat-inspired fashion cuties boast colorful hair. It can be bright pink, shine like a bright sun on a summer day, be purple like lilac flowers, etc.

Pieces of outfits and shoes seem to be made of soft plastic. Still, skirts remind of famous tutu fashion and are made from scraps of fabric. The wigs are removable, and there is no real rooted hair.

Little cats hidden inside the tea bags are super cute.

With 12 cute characters and 24 tiny cats to collect, the series 1 becomes impressive. Kitten Catfé Purrista girls can compete with L.O.L. Surprise lights glitter series toys and new Na Na Na! Surprise dolls in 2020.

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