New Series with L.O.L. Surprise Lights Pets to Get Real Hair and UV Light Secrets

Now that you saw the leaked images of Lights Glitter and O.M.G. Lights dolls, it is time to get a first look at the new L.O.L. Surprise Lights Pets series. Its release will take place sometime in winter 2020. Animals will boast real hair and unveil their hidden secrets under UV light.

L.O.L. Surprise Lights Pets with real hair

Grrrl Toys has seen photos of Lights Pets and decided to share them with you.

L.O.L. Surprise Lights Pets

It looks like the new mystery balls will be pink. Still, MGA Entertainment might offer a different color scheme for the fans of its popular toy series.

The pet toys will come hairy. This excess hair will have to be removed before you can get a view of your collectible character with real rooted hair.

Each L.O.L. Surprise Lights Pets ball will have eight surprises:

  • A secret message
  • A bottle
  • Hair clips
  • UV flashlight with batteries
  • A hairbrush
  • Shoes
  • Accessories for the animal toy
  • A collectible character that comes in a 'fur coat' and reveals itself after the coat is taken off

There will also be a collector's guide and instruction.

Checklist L.O.L. Surprise Lights Pets series 2020

There will be 12 characters to collect. Most of them look like pets of the girls from Hairgoals collection.

There seems to be a pony with angel wings owned by the stunning Piano King from Boys Series 2. A white kitty with peach ponytails might be the pet of the Masquerade doll. The purple owl with two buns might be the pet of the Purple Queen.

Grrrl Toys suggests the L.O.L. Surprise Lights Pets price to range from $12.99 to $15.99. Let us keep an eye on its official release day.

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