New Na Na Na! Surprise Series 2 Plush Dolls with Animal Hats

The new year 2020 brings so many cute toys and toy updates. Expecting a wide variety of L.O.L. Surprise dolls, such as Lights Glitter and O.M.G. Lights, Grrrl Toys is happy to see next plush fashion dolls by MGA Entertainment. The update of Na Na Na! Surprise series 2 cuties is coming soon.

Na Na Na! Surprise Series 2
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

The first look at the future collection is a must if you also loved these #nananasurprise 2-in-1 fashion dolls from series 1.

Na Na Na! Surprise Series 2

It is currently unclear if the confetti balloon with #nananasurprise Series 2 toys is to be pink or of a different color.

The only leaked image of Na Na Na! Surprise series 2 dolls shows a checklist with all new characters.

Plush 2-in-1 fashion dolls by MGA Entertainment NaNaNa Surprise
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

There will be six toys, just like it was in the original release of #nananasurprise. There will be one boy and five girls, and each plush doll will wear a cute animal hat and come with a plush animal pom.

Names of the plush dolls from Na Na Na! Surprise Series 2:

  • Katherine Whiskers
  • Michael Manchester
  • Nina Nanners
  • Aspen Fluff
  • Misha Mouse
  • Tuesday Meow

Katherine Whiskers will receive a cute pink hat with kitty ears and a pretty black-and-pink outfit.

Michael Manchester is the only boy in the collection. He will wear a dog hat and boast an exclusive green suit (pants and jacket) with a white t-shirt underneath (it will have a dog print on it).

Nina Nanners loves pink hats with little round ears. This girl wears a pink-and-purple stripe skirt and a colorful top.

Plush fashion dolsl with animal hats NaNaNa Surprise series 2
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

Aspen Fluff loves bunnies and blue color. Her hat with long bunny ears is extra cute. This #nananasurprise doll will boast white high socks and a lovely blue-and-white sweater.

Misha Mouse adores white hats with pink ears and a pretty floral dress.

Tuesday Meow has purple hair and a black kitty outfit. Her hat with cat ears and school outfit with a white shirt and black skirt are complete with high socks that also have kitty ears.

Each cutie will most likely cost $19.99 (as this is the price of the original toys). The release date of Na Na Na! Surprise series 2 is currently unknown.

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