New Cry Babies Pet House 2020 Toys from Magic Tears Collection

Have you ever seen a pet crying? The new collection of Cry Babies Pet House surprises follow the Magic Tears idea. Just like baby dolls, these toy pets cry if you feed them water and learn their secret.

Cry Babies Magic Tears pets surprise toys 2020

The 2020 IMC toys promise a beautiful collection of various animals that are best friends to their baby dolls.

Cry Babies Pet House

New impressive Cry Babies Magic Tears Pets arrive in animal houses of two color choices, pink and blue.
Cry Babies Pet House 2020 toys

Each new character is hidden inside a small pet house. It comes with surprises and reveals a lovely toy that can cry real tears.

The 2020 collectibles are designed for kids of 3+ years old due to small details included in the package.

New Cry Babies pets collectible toys for girls 2020

One package is priced at $10-$12. However, the packs of two pet houses can be priced at $16-$18.

Cry Babies Pets Magic Tears Checklist

There are 13 pets to collect, including one extra-rare toy that comes in glitter.

Checklist for Cry Babies Magic Tears Pets toy collection 2020 in pet house

Each Cry Babies pet from the pink or blue house has a unique name. Here is a checklist with 13 names:

  • Lala's mouse Lisa;
  • Lady's insect Lulu;
  • Flipy's clownfish Bubbles;
  • Connie's bunny Cutie;
  • Gigi's giraffe Gina;
  • Hopie's hippo Hoppy;
  • Kiki's monkey Koko;
  • Turgui's turtle Loti;
  • Katie's kitten Kitty;
  • Nita's hen Henie;
  • Pingui's penguin Freddie;
  • Fancy's pink flamingo Flo;
  • Lori's parrot Rita.

When you wish to see your pet cry, use its bottle to feed water to the character. Then press on the head's back, and you will see real tears.

Each character is charming. Its size is about 2 inches (5 cm).

Pink flamingo Flo toy collectible that cries real tears

The pet houses include one collectible toy, cute stickers to decorate the house, one bottle to feed water, and a collector's guide with the checklist and images of all characters.

Some Cry Babies Magic Tears Pets from Pet House 2020 collection come with a lovely golden accessory in the pack. However, this unique gift is not included in every other pet house. It is a mystery surprise added for lucky customers.

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