Anime-Inspired L.O.L. Surprise Boys Arcade Heroes Coming Soon

Do you miss new miracles from MGA Entertainment? Its top-selling L.O.L. Surprise doll line is getting a new update this summer or fall. And it seems to be inspired by anime and robots. The collection's name is L.O.L. Surprise Boys Arcade Heroes.

L.O.L. Surprise Arcade Heroes
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If you expect to see only boys inside the new arcade cabinet capsules, you are wrong. There will be one super-rare girl in this series.

L.O.L. Surprise Boys Arcade Heroes

The new boxes remind of coin-op machines. However, there will be no need to insert any coins to play the game and win the prize.

The surprise arcade cabinets are not coin-operated. You will have to remove the cover shield to unveil the main character hidden inside the robot costume.

New Arcade Heroes characters from MGA Entertainment
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There will also be a collector's guide with all new six characters with their names and rarity sign.

As always, you'll find the doll's clothes, shoes, accessories, and a bottle. However, these surprises will not be hidden in cabinets or bags. They can be found under the coin-op machine roof.

And these cute Arcade Heroes toys are not the only novelty expected to be released in 2020. MGA Entertainment is also working on updating its soft dolls Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series 3 and bringing an exclusive girl in a face mask L.O.L. Surprise MGAE Cares.

Names of L.O.L. Surprise Arcade Heroes

Grrrl Toys blog hasn't seen all the new names of the upcoming anime-inspired tots in robot costumes. But we do know some of the names.

Checklist L.O.L. Surprise Boys Arcade Heroes
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Firstly, the checklist that leaked online shows five clubs:

  • The Glitterati
  • S.T.E.M. Club
  • Theater Club
  • Cosplay Club
  • Storybook Club

Gear Guy
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Secondly, some of the character names are:

  1. The ultra-rare and only girl in the series Infinity Queen (Starling)
  2. Pink-haired boy V.R. Dude (Cyber)
  3. Brown-curled boy Gear Guy (Titanium)
  4. A blonde angel from the Theater Club (his both names are currently unknown)
  5. Black-haired fan of cosplay Fan Boy (Atomic)
  6. Rare boy with green hair Bhaddie Bro (Chaos)

As you can see, there are two names for each new character in L.O.L. Surprise Boys Arcade Heroes collection. One is a personal name, and the second one is the name of the anime robot the toys can transform into to impress you.

Titanium L.O.L. Surprise Boy Robot
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Each toy comes with a collector's trading card. It has information about the boy's or girl's name along with the Arcade Heroes series and character's level on the front. The back reveals the name of the robot and its powers.

It also appears that the upcoming L.O.L. Surprise Boys Arcade Heroes have underwear on. It is something brand new in the line of MGA Entertainment toys. What do you think about this release?

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