Meet Cute Na Na Na Surprise Series 3 Dolls

Ok, so MGA Entertainment has exciting plans for summer 2020. While spring lacked the speed of updates we saw last summer and fall, new leaks appear on the web and show us the next toy lines. Along with the limited edition L.O.L. Surprise MGAE Cares tots, we'll see new Na Na Na Surprise Series 3 characters in the updated package.

Na Na Na Surprise Series 3 dolls
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

The package will be purple, featuring lovely bunny ears on top.

Na Na Na Surprise Series 3

The official release date of the next series of cute plush dolls is currently unknown. Still, Grrrl Toys blog expects to see these lovely toys at the end of summer or early fall 2020.

New Na Na Na Surprise Series 3 dolls will surely be a stunning Christmas gift 2020, so keep an eye on the pre-orders because these confetti-filled surprise packages quickly disappear from the shelves.

2-in-1 MGA Surprises Plush Dolls in Confetti Balloon
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

The expected price of these cool 2020 toys is under $20.


The 2-in-1 surprises are packed into a purple plastic with bunny ears. Inside, there is a balloon filled with confetti in the form of cute animal silhouettes. Blow this balloon using a staw which is hidden inside the plastic package along with the instructions, and it will pop, letting the holiday spirits out.

Even before you discover a plush animal-shaped purse with a hidden doll inside, you can learn which character you are getting. The front of the plastic bunny-ears box hints on your surprise by showing the black shape of the animal the toy is associated with. For example, if the shape reminds of a cow, inside you will find a girl by name AnnaBelle Moooshe. She will be dressed as a cute cow.

Na Na Na Surprise Series 3 checklist
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Here is a checklist with the six new Na Na Na Surprise Series 3 characters:

  1. Cow cutie AnnaBelle Moooshe
  2. Fan of dots Dottie DeMil
  3. Doll in-love-with-Paris-and-poodles Fifi Le'Fluff
  4. Wild jaguar fashionista Jennel Jaguar
  5. The only boy in the series 3 Jeremy Hops
  6. Fashion baby Sasha (maybe, she has a different name)

Each new character boasts a cute animal purse, a lovely outfit, and beautiful long hair.

MGA plush dolls 2020
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

Unfortunately, the hair is still sewn to the hat and the doll's head. However, you can dress up the plush toy and change her boots.

The clothes and shoes are hidden inside two mystery packages found in the balloon with confetti. Inside, there is also a collector's guide with the checklist and all the names of the six new characters.

Which is your favorite character from the upcoming Na Na Na Surprise Series 3 release?

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