Big Deluxe Present Surprise Box with Exclusive L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

After meeting 12 new characters from a cute L.O.L. Surprise Present collection and seeing boys and girls from glitter balls All-Star B.B.'s, it is fun to see even more dolls this summer. MGA Entertainment is to release two versions of a big Deluxe Present Surprise box with exclusive toys.

L.O.L. Deluxe Present Surprise
Image:; @toycaboodle

Thus, the Present series will receive even more tots along with pets.

L.O.L. Surprise Deluxe Present Surprise

It seems that there will be two color versions of the birthday-themed boxes. One will be pink, and the other one will be teal.

Each box is styled as a birthday gift box. It contains six mystery balls with doll's accessories, clothes, kinetic sand with shoes hidden inside, etc.

L.O.L. Surprise bubbly bath bomb like Present with toys
Image:; @toycaboodle

The middle section of this box hides a water-dissolving bubbly bath bomb. It looks like a giant gift, and inside, it hides yet another box with three mystery packages to unbox.

While kids should not swim with this fizz box, and it is only meant to dissolve in the water by itself, the emotions from such a unique unboxing experience should be unforgettable.

Checklist for L.O.L. Deluxe Present Surprise

As Grrrl Toys mentioned above, there will be two versions of the Deluxe packages, each containing two toys. It totals four new characters to add to your collection of L.O.L. dolls and pets.

What is the checklist?

You'll love to know the new names.

Miss Partay doll exclusive L.O.L. toy
Image:; @toycaboodle

The pink package's characters are:

  • Miss Partay (girl doll)
  • Partay Puppay (puppy pet)

Exclusive L.O.L. Sprinkles doll and Sprin-Claws pet
Image:; @lolsurprise

The seal package's figures are:

  • Sprinkles (girl doll)
  • Sprin-Claws (kitten pet)

Each tot seems to receive three exclusive outfits with a couple of shoes to mix and match. Besides, when you dip your toy into icy water, you will see how the body changes its color revealing another cute outfit of body art.

There are also sunglasses or a birthday hat to decorate the girl's head or pet.

These new L.O.L. Deluxe Present Surprise toys are to cost $29.99, and they should appear on Amazon, Walmart, and Target in June 2020.

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