New L.O.L. Surprise Present Surprise Dolls 2020: Checklist

The next collection of famous MGA Entertainment tots will be named after the 12 birthstones. New L.O.L. Surprise Present Surprise 2020 dolls will be hidden inside a paper box for the first time since the original release of these mystery balls and capsules.

L.O.L. Surprise Present Surprise dolls
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

The birthday box will include several blind bags with doll's shoes, clothes, accessories, and a bottle. MGA Entertainment is to release MGAE Cares series of a limited edition this summer for those of you who miss the regular plastic ball with layers to unbox.

L.O.L. Surprise Present Surprise

The new box will be decorated as a birthday box with a cute bow on the lid.

The bright pink, black, and white colors with confetti decoration look lovely.

Grrrl Toys expects the price on these presents to be from $10 to $13.

Checklist for L.O.L. Surprise Present Surprise

The series presents 12 new tots, each symbolizing one month of the year.

One doll is ultra-rare, two babes are merely rare, and all other toys are "Fabulous."

Checklist for L.O.L. Present Surprise 2020
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

Here is the checklist, which you could need in the summer of 2020 when the new collection should be released:

  • Miss Garnet (January)
  • Violet (February)
  • Aqua (March)
  • Carats (April) - rare
  • Emerald Babe (May)
  • Pearl Q.T. (June)
  • Jubilee (July) - rare
  • Festive B.B. (August)
  • Sweet Sapphire (September)
  • Opal Q.T. (October)
  • Pumpkin Spice (November) - ultra-rare
  • Holidaze (December)

The first leaks show a lovely Pearl Q.T. with a giant pink bow on her pink hair. The dress has the same shade, and her shoes and accessories are with silver decor.

Pearl Q.T. doll 2020
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

Another leak, Carats, is a cute character with bunny ears headwrap. Her shades are orange and silver, and her hair is white. Sparkling freckles brighten the charming brown eyes and dark skin.

Carats doll 2020
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

The new L.O.L. Surprise Present Surprise series offers molded and painted hair, but there are still eight surprises to unbox, and each doll can impress you after drinking some water or taking a bath.

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