Hot New Barbie African American Doll from BMR1959 Collection

Barbie Collector dolls have always pleased with a highlight, a unique approach to creating a toy image and its presentation. Grrrl Toys blog got a chance to unbox a cute new Barbie African American doll from the impressive BMR1959 collection inspired by the street fashion of the '90s.

New Barbie African American Doll BMR1959

This fully poseable curvy doll received the "made to move" body, beautiful makeup, bright fashion style, and black rooted hair.

Barbie African American Doll

Each Barbie BMR1959 is packed into a simple shoebox. The fully poseable curvy fashionista has a beautiful pencil sketch on the front of the box, which depicts this cutie in a short dress, transparent jacket, and high heel boots.

BMR1959 is written on the side of the shoebox.

Barbie Signature collector doll Black Label BMR1959

This new Barbie African American doll was made in Indonesia in 2019. Mattel created it as a Barbie Collector Signature doll under Black Label.

Inside the box, you can find a fully poseable curvy toy with a "made to move" body, a doll stand with the BMR1959 logo, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Barbie BMR 1959 Black Doll Review

This cute curvy fashionista is one of the six characters released to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the famous fashion doll line named after Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Black Label Barbie doll BMR 1959

The look of this new Barbie African American doll speaks for itself. This cutie loves to express herself, her inner world, her bright personal style, and her love for street fashion.

The fashionista's poseable body allows multiple posing experiences, which is excellent for making fantastic photoshoots, stop-motion videos, fantasy play, etc.

Curvy Barbie clothes

Holding in hands an African American cutie dressed as in the '90s gives you a feeling of nostalgic associated with the juxtaposed patterns, stunning textures, high-low fashion mixes, and so on. Those were trends in streetwear back then, and, amazingly, Mattel gives us a unique chance to travel back to the past through its new fashion doll line.

The toy received a bright floral dress with a hood, nice transparent vinyl jacket with BMR1959 print all over it, golden shoes, yellow cat-eye sunglasses, and silver-like earrings.

African American Barbie BMR1959 makeup

Her rooted hair is styled into a high ponytail. Her lips are colored into the purple shade. Her brown eyes are highlighted with blue eyeshadows, and her overall look is glam and chic-like.

Sadly a hair comb is not included in this series of toys. Of course, each character is designed to decorate your shelf and not to play with, brush the rooted hair, and restyle it. However, it is still great when Mattel thinks about the tiniest details of each Black Label fashionista it presents and completes the box with the hair comb alongside other accessories and clothes pieces.

But the main advantage of this particular African American cutie is the impressive makeup that matches her dark skin. Seeing a purple lipstick instead of blonde-favorite pink color is a huge plus.

Black Barbie Signature MBR 1959 collection doll

It is a pleasure to look at this new Barbie African American doll from BMR1959 collection when it is displayed on a stand with the collection's logo.

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