New Fashion Dolls Rainbow Surprise Peel the Rainbow: First Look

MGA Entertainment chooses to go further and upgrade its line of Rainbow Surprise dolls. The next collection of "Poopsie" will turn into 12.5-inch fashion dolls called Rainbow Surprise Peel the Rainbow.

Rainbow Surprise fashion dolls like Barbie
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

These cuties come with bright hair colors. They are poseable, and their outfits are very impressive.

Rainbow Surprise Peel the Rainbow

Grrrl Toys blog hasn't seen the packages of the new series of Poopsie fashion dolls. But the names of the first six characters are already revealed.

Some rumors suggest that these toys will be retailed at $29.99. They could be released in August or early fall alongside the anime-inspired L.O.L. Surprise Arcade Heroes toys and new Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series 3 dolls.

Rainbow Surprise Peel the Rainbow fashion dolls
Image:; @crystal_sushi

Well, the Poopsie cuties will be dressed according to their hair color. For example, the green-haired fashion doll will receive a green outfit, and the orange-haired fashionista will be dressed in orange boots, orange dress, and jacket and will have Monarch butterflies in her hairstyle.

Poseable Poopsie dolls 2020 with joints
Image:; @crystal_sushi

The names will be just as beautiful as the long-lashed fashion toys with poseable bodies and rooted hair. Here is the rumored checklist:

  • Green hair cutie - Jade Hunter
  • Orange hair doll - Poppy Rowan
  • Red hair fashionista - Ruby Anderson
  • Purple hair toy - Violet Willow
  • Yellow hair doll - Sunny Madison
  • Blue hair cutie - Bella Harper

These cuties will be close in size to Barbies. Each Barbie is usually sized at 11.5 inches. New Poopsie poseable fashionistas are rumored to be about 12.5 inches tall.

Sunny and Violet fashion dolls by MGA Entertainment
Image:; @crystal_sushi

It is impressive to see new Barbie-like fashion toys in 2020. MGA Entertainment introduced L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. dolls that are slightly smaller than Barbies, but they quickly became top-sellers among L.O.L. Surprise fans.

Maybe the next line of Rainbow Surprise Peel the Rainbow fashion dolls will be as trendy as O.M.G. line. Who knows?

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