New HairDUDEables Boy Characters 2020: Hairdorables BFF Pack Series 2

The summer is yet to come. Still, many toy companies are hurrying to upgrade their best-selling lines of dolls and playsets. The new Hairdorables BFF Pack Series 2 is already available for pre-order even though these cute HairDUDEables are to be released only in the middle of July.

Hairdorables BFF Pack Series 2 with HairDUDEables

Each playset will contain 13 surprises and two dolls, one girl, and one mystery boy.

Hairdorables BFF Pack Series 2

Amazon already offers the new series at $24.88, with a pre-order price guaranteed. The item is expected to be released on July 15, 2020 (or earlier).

Introduced by Just Play, dolls with "Big Hair Don't Care" attitude quickly got popular among toy collectors and girls who love to unbox surprises. The new BFF collection 2020 brings eight characters, including exclusive four girl dolls and three well-known boys from the #DUDESQUAD along with a new boy character Asher.

HairDUDEables boy dolls Series 2 BFF pack

Each BFF makes a great surprise. The box shows the exclusive girl you are getting, but the male character hidden inside is a real mystery. Collecting all four dudes can be a big challenge.

The 2-pack boxes come with a girl and a boy. There are 13 surprises to enjoy, including the outfits, accessories, stands, and paper cards.

You need only to pull and peel, revealing the mystery bags and unboxing the secret chambers. The unboxed package can be used for storing your surprises and dolls, which is nice.

HairDUDEables Series 2 Checklist

The new 2020 collection includes four characters:

  • Asher (new)
  • Logan
  • Greg
  • Max

We already met Logan, Max, and Greg in 2019. Now it is time to meet Asher who has dark skin; black hair dyed into green and blue shades on top; Safari-styled clothes, green eyes, and a parrot.

Checklist HairDUDEables Hairdorables BFF Pack Series 2

Greg is represented as a photographer boy with a camera, in an art-inspired baseball cap, blue jeans, pink shoes, and a colorful top.

Logan is a tennis player. He comes with a rocket, a set of balls, high boots, purple shorts, and a blue t-shirt.

Max is a cooker. He loves red color, so his hair got red stripes, and he wears red shoes, fun pajamas, and a bathrobe.

Exclusive Hairdorables BFF Girls Checklist

The female dolls that come in the 2-pack boxes are exclusive. These characters are familiar to all Just Play fans, but their outfits and styles are unique.

Hairdorables Kat exclusive doll 2020

The girl's checklist is:

  • Kat
  • Skylar
  • Neila
  • Harmony

Beautiful Neila can be a great friend to Logan. They can play tennis together.

Skylar can have a nice dinner with Max as they both seem to love sweets.

Harmony can pose in a fun photoshoot to Greg, and Kat can travel with Asher to Safari park.

What do you think about the new HairDUDEables boys? It should be fun to unbox Hairdorables BFF Pack Series 2 and find all the characters to add to a big family of boys and girls with real hair.

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