Scented Candylocks Dolls Series 2 Dream Collection

Packed into cute ice pop bag, the new Candylocks dolls Series 2 offer new impressive styles, a mix of colorful hairstyles, and fun surprises to unbox. These collectibles are released by Spin Master and promise many great moments to each girl who loves playing with long soft hair and create new hairstyles.

Candylocks Dolls series 2

The sweet-smelling toys come with several surprises.

Candylocks Dolls Series 2

Each of the Candylocks dolls Series 2 boasts easy-to-style hair. It is soft and puffy. Its length is 15 inches, which is stunning if compared to the smaller size of the toy, which is only 3 inches.

Scented dolls Candylocks series 2

The hair structure is unique. You can brush it with your fingers, and there is no need to use a comb to create smooth ponytails, impressive buns, cute braids, and various twists.

The hair structure is gentle and fragile. It is a must to be extra careful when playing with your Candylocks doll. Some customers report issues with hair coming off too easily and too soon.

Candylocks collection series 2 scented dolls

The candy-inspired hair has a sweet scent of coconut, vanilla, apple, pineapple, ocean breeze, or even lavender. The super rare Candylocks doll with a pink hairstyle and a pink outfit is scented with lavender aroma, which distinguishes her from the common collectibles. She has blue eyes and a beautiful princess castle hairpin.

Cotton hair toys Candylocks Series 2

The common dolls from Series 2 are also beautiful with impressive colored hair, bright outfits, and amazing eyes. There are over 20 toys to collect, so each ice pop pack can bring you a stunning surprise and a new character to add to your collection.

Each girl has a unique yummy name. For example, you can find Gummy Bree, Shell-by Swirl, Ban-ana Beach, Straw Mary, and many other cute dolls with a beautiful name.

The packs of Candylocks dolls Series 2 include not only toys but also 6 accessories for creating stunning hairstyles.

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