Beautiful in Blue Royal Romance Barbie 1992: Limited Edition Doll

Royal life sounds beautiful, outstanding, fabulous, and luxurious. Its romantic atmosphere and unforgettable female gowns are accompanied by orchestral music. No wonder that the box with Royal Romance Barbie 1992 doll is decorated with an image of a trumpet.

Royal Romance Barbie 1992

Holding this doll in your hands gives you a feeling of nostalgia and brings back memories from the 90s.

Royal Romance Barbie 1992

Let us look at the box. It is of pink color and has cute little white hearts and lotus flowers decorating the pink background. There is also the trumpet drawn both on the front and back of the package.

Blonde Royal Romance Barbie 1992 doll in blue dress

The back reveals the collector's doll in all her beauty and magic. It reads, "Sparkling in silver and royal blue!" and, indeed, the outfit of this blue-eyed lady shines with silver lace, bright ribbons, incredible flowers made from fabric, and pure elegance.

The bottom of the box states that this Mattel Limited Edition Doll was made in Malaysia in 1992.

Royal Romance Barbie 1992 Value

Grrrl Toys blog does not know the original retail price of this toy, but its value in 2020 ranges from $12 to $50 for the NRFB state.

It is an excellent price for a lovely toy with rooted blonde hair covering the girl's back in stunning waves.

Royal Romance Barbie 1992

Being one of the Limited Edition Dolls, the pretty vintage blonde character comes with a doll stand and a blue hairbrush.

Doll stand and blue shoes

The Royal Romance Barbie 1992 is designed for display and will look perfect in any collection with the toys from the 90s.

Bendable legs

The 1992 fashionista has bendable legs, hard plastic hands, and Twist 'n Turn waist.

The gentle face of the Royal Romance Barbie 1992 is highlighted with silver eye shadows, and the lips are covered with pastel pink color.

The royal blue dress is a must to discuss. It could be a 2-in-1 outfit if the outer lace skirt was not sewn to the suit. But it is sewn; thus, you cannot remove the outer skirt and leave the fashionista in a long pencil dress.

The silver-and-blue lace is sewn to the sides of the dress and decorated with 3D flowers made of silver fabric and completed with long blue ribbons.

Vintage Barbie doll jewelry and accessories

This stunning outfit is completed with long gloves and jewelry. The toy wears small earrings, a lovely ring, a silvery necklace, and a big floral bow in her beautiful blonde wavy hair.

This vintage Royal Romance Barbie 1992 doll is incredible. Her bright blue eyes and elegant outfit can make her a jewel of your 90s toy collection.

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