Newest in 2020: L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series 3 with Checklist and First Photos

It seems that we will never get tired of seeing new mystery toys released by MGA Entertainment. The summer brings a new collection of male tots hidden in L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series 3 balls wrapped in several layers of paper and promising 12 fun characters with cute clothes, fantastic accessories, and good old water surprises.

L.O.L. Surprise boys series 3

The first yellow balls with a new collection have already been spotted in some Target stores. It means that they are soon coming to Walmart and Amazon.

L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series 3

Grrrl Toys cannot wait to see every new idea presented by modern toy companies. Each new surprise looks outstanding, and every updated packaging or a unique collection of mystery toys seems so exciting to unbox.

Each new toy is priced at $9.99, so the cost of the "boys" is affordable, as always.

New 2020 toys L.O.L. Surprise Boys series 3

The number of surprises you can find inside the layers and the ball is seven. It includes everything a regular MGA Entertainment "tot" needs, for example, a stunning outfit along with a pair of shoes, a bottle to drink water and amuse a child with spitting or peeing, and an accessory that looks cute with clothes.

Besides, there is a unique secret message that hints on a character you are getting. There are also a small pack of stickers and a collector's guide.

L.O.L. Boys Series 3 Checklist

Hooray, even though the yellow balls with surprises are not available all across the U.S. yet, we already know all the names.

Checklist L.O.L. Surprise Boys series 3 all the names and photos
Image:; @hiiiiiiiiierererxoy

Here is the checklist for L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series 3:

  • The Glitterati Club: Purple Reign (you'll love this rare toy as it glitters so lovely);
  • Opposites Club: Sweet Guy and Spicy Kid (angel vs. vampire);
  • Athletic Club: Slugger and Cleats (baseball and football players);
  • Retro Club: Slick and Far Out;
  • Theater Club: Dreamy Dude (male unicorn) and Pharaoh Bro;
  • Glee Club: Honey Boi, Steezy (ultra-rare character) and Bye Bye Boi.

The Far Out boy with incredibly puffy hair is the "face" of the Series 3. He is the first thing you see on a yellow ball, and he is undoubtedly a great treasure to find inside the package.

The Dreamy Dude is also a jewel of this release because adding a unicorn to your collection is a must.

Sweet Guy L.O.L. Surprise boy toy from 2020 collection
Image:; @marika_giglio_lorenzo_lar

The rare and ultra-rare toys, Purple Reigh and Steezy, are two more characters people are going to hunt.

And, of course, each tot from L.O.L. Surprise Boys Series 3 looks attractive and fun to get.

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