Golden Dress for Barbie Holiday 2020 Dolls

She is all-dressed and ready for her incredible Christmas party. Her hairstyle is impressive, her makeup is beautiful, and her gown is sparkling with golden and yellow colors. Grrrl Toys offers you a quick look into the new look the Barbie Holiday 2020 doll is getting.

Newest Mattel toys 2020
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The collection includes three dolls with different skin tones and hair colors, all wearing the same outfit.

Barbie Holiday 2020

Every year, Mattel introduces its Holiday line for doll collectors who enjoy updating their shelves with a fresh new look and are happy to discover a pretty box under their Christmas tree.

Blonde Barbie in a golden dress 2020
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These fashion toys are dressed up for the Christmas party. They cannot boast a body with joints as Made to Move dolls or BMR1959 fashionistas. But they carry the holiday spirit and are meant to be displayed on a stand.

The new Barbie Holiday 2020 is getting a golden dress. No red colors, as in previous years. This style looks sparkling and shiny. The number of accessories is limited because the outfit looks great as it is. The dress outlines the doll's slim body and her long neck. It is accompanied with loose curly hairstyle and little golden shoes.

African-American Barbie toy in a golden holiday gown
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The earrings replace the ring and necklace; that is why they are big and remind of a Christmas tree ornament.

Brown hair Barbie doll in golden Christmas dress
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The dress has a V-neck top, full floor-length gown with a beautiful golden underskirt, and light butterfly-like sleeves that make it unique and charming.

There is a golden belt with a small bow on the waist to outline the elegance and beauty of the holiday dress.

Faces of new Barbie Holiday 2020 dolls
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The Barbie Holiday 2020 faces are also shining as if feeling the soon arrival of Christmas. The sparkling golden shadows outline the eyes, the pink or red lipstick makes lips brighter, and the brow line seems to be drawn by a professional pencil in the beauty salon.

Sadly, the bodies are simple; the hands and legs are not bendable. But there is a stand for displaying the collectible toy. And there are golden shoes that look great with the outfit and complete the look.

Golden shoes for dolls
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Which of the new Barbie Holiday 2020 dolls is your favorite? Is it the blue-eyed blonde, brown-eyed African-American or white skin girl with brown hair?

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