Three Dolls from New BMR1959 Barbie 2020 Collection Unveiled

Grrrl Toys is happy to share the new leaked images of the upcoming Barbie BMR1959 with MTM bodies from the latest 2020 collection of dolls by Mattel. These three girls who are in love with retro street fashion are of different height. Their faces are also unique.

Petite, regular and tall Barbie dolls with MTM bodies
Image:; @poppy_goes_vintage

Recently we got a chance to unbox the curvy African-American Barbie BMR1959 doll from the 2019 series. This year's upgrade sounds exclusive and fascinates.

BMR1959 Barbie 2020

We still don't know how many dolls will be in the Barbie BMR1959 collection 2020. The original series introduced six characters. Hopefully, the Series 2 will also bring as many, both girls and boys.

For now, we have seen three incredible girls. One is petite, one is of regular Barbie size, and one is tall and boasts a pale skin tone.

Petite BMR1959 Barbie 2020 with pink hair
Image:; @fashiondollcollector

The petite African-American character differs from the curvy release introduced in 2019. Her body is not curvy. It is the same MTM style with many joints for incredible posing, but everything is a bit smaller than we are used to.

The petite African-American cutie is dressed in a short skirt and top of orange color, oversized jacket, and yellow sneakers. Her impressive face is outlined with giant triangle earrings.

The regular-sized doll has a unique Latina face. Its mold reminds of the Midge doll.

She wears green boots, pants with one leg being yellow and the other one being blue, and a white t-shirt with net-like sleeves that has the name of the series printed in multiple colors of blue, yellow, red, green, purple, etc.

Her head is covered with a red hat. If her outfit looks questionable, her face is gorgeous.

Latina BMR1959 Barbie 2020 doll
Image:; @fashiondollcollector

The tallest girl, Asian character, also boasts MTM body, which makes her unique and must-add to your collection of Made to Move Barbies.

The tall girl wears high green rain boots made of transparent oilcloth. Her black-and-white shorts and top are hidden underneath the oversized rain jacket.

Tall Barbie BMR1959 doll 2020 collection Asian
Image:; @fashiondollcollector

BMR1959 series was designed as a self-expressional and street-fashion line of dolls. Their clothes can surprise because they do not represent the modern fashion. And everywhere, on T-shirts and shorts, earrings and jackets, you can read BRM 1959 which "shouts out loud" and cannot stay unnoticed.

Which of the newest BMR1959 Barbie 2020 characters impress you the most? Is there a toy you would be happy to unbox or display on your shelf?

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