Newest Blume Dolls Series 2 Got a Bigger Flower Pot

Flowerpot girls are getting an impressive upgrade this June. Blume dolls Series 2 are coming in a bigger package and promise real Fun in the Sun for the summer of 2020.

Blume dolls Series 2

The fantastic idea of watering the "ground" in the flower pot is preserved in the update. So you can enjoy watching how the beautiful doll is growing very fast as if being the real plant.

Blume Dolls Series 2

The new release is packed into flower pots of different colors. They are all decorated with white paper, bright images, and a yellow lid.

Take off the lid and discover your water can and collector's guide. You can see all 22 characters before your surprise doll grows once the "groud" is watered. The magic is awe-inspiring, and kids love unboxing such surprises.

Bigger flower pot with Blume dolls series 2
Image:; @toycaboodle

The most remarkable change in Series 2 is not the bigger flower pot. All the dolls can now change their hair color in the sun. It has one look in the shadow, but as soon as you bring the toy in the direct sunlight, you can see hidden decor that makes the hairstyle so fantastic.

Flowerpot girls change hair color in the sun Blume Dolls Series 2
Image:; @sophiesplayday

Each doll's hair is like that. Kids can have so much fun playing with their flowerpot girls in shadow and taking the toys out to the sunny place to watch the magic happen.

The new Series 2 dolls sit inside the pot (they used to stand in the previous release). You have to take the toy out of the "chair" and find all her outfit pieces inside the pot-house.

There is a wardrobe here, green leaf and two flowers which hide surprises inside.

You can discover:

  • A doll;
  • Her dress or costume;
  • A pair of shoes;
  • An accessory to wear;
  • A friend.
Checklist Blume Dolls Series 2
Image:; @tot.vga

The collector's guide reveals all 22 characters, all possible outfit styles, accessories as well as doll's friends.

Each girl wears a dress, shorts with a t-shirt, or a costume. Their shoes differ. Some toys put on their sandals, others prefer wearing sneakers. What differs the most is their squishy hair.

You can see a cute bee-inspired toy, cake-themed cuties, flame and crystal-haired girls, floral sweeties, etc.

The new flowerpot girls look very promising. This Fun in the Sun surprise is a must-have this summer. Hopefully, the Blume dolls Series 2 will be priced under $15.

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